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Bottas is on the wrong track

The bike race in Adelaide fit well into his training schedule. And he sends another threat to his rivals: “In terms of quality and quantity, it was the best off-season I've ever had in terms of coaching.” Keyword: Bottas 3.0;)

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Today we brought you closer to the interesting interview that ex-Formula 1 driver Fernando Alonso led with our sister magazine 'F1 Racing' , It is mainly about his assessment of Lewis Hamilton, but also a bit about a possible comeback of the two-time champion. Here you can read it again.

The colleagues also describe how none other than Flavio Briatore called on Alonso's Helpful during the interview. In addition, Alonso showed a WhatsApp video in which ex-team boss and driver manager Briatore, together with Toto Wolff, joke about a contract that has been concluded. But Alonso always knew how to talk;)

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Rosberg drives a Ferrari

It is actually not Nico Rosberg's first visit to Maranello. Here you can read how he once was there for secret negotiations. Nevertheless, he describes his recent trip to the epicenter of Italian motorsport as a point that he wanted to tick off on his to-enact list. Because he didn't just visit the legendary museum there. He was also allowed to get behind the wheel!

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Mute sample of McLaren's Renault?

After usMercedes yesterday with the sounds of the drive unit for the season 2020) has spoiled McLaren today. But the team from Woking may like to torment something. Because there was nothing to hear at first. In a first post, only a sound engineer could guess how the MCL 35 sound becomes.

Redemption came in the evening. And if you love motorsport, then you will certainly make a similarly happy face to the McLaren employees with this audio sample …

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The danger is far from over

The coronavirus still keeps the world in suspense – including the motorsport circus. As air traffic to China comes to a standstill as a result, the staging of the China Monumental Prix is ​​also at risk as we have already reported . It only takes place on 21. March held. Opposite 'The Guardian' emphasizes an expert from the European Center for Prevention and the control of diseases but again how serious the situation is.

“There is no doubt that the virus is spreading,” said Doctor Sergio Brusin. After all, there are more and more cases and contagions outside of the situation in China. “Something like that didn't get done within a week. Used to be until April is extremely difficult to predict. But if the infection spreads further, I wouldn't be very optimistic with a Formula 1 label in the ashes.

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World champion birthday!

We think that even a cozy organic farmer in England can visit 70. Birthday can congratulate. Of course, we know Jody Scheckter primarily as a Formula 1 champion of 1979. After all, he was the Ferrari's last world champion before Michael Schumacher.

That was a range of 21 years. Since Kimi Raikkonen became world champion in red, “only” 13 past …

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Looks uncomfortable

There is often only a fine line between a Formula 1-specific training device and a torture machine …

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Looks comfortable

Mercedes driver Valtteri Bottas seems to have only consumed the light porridge during the winter break, if it still fits so well in his seat …

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