(Motorsport-Entire.com) – Ferrari was in the Formula 1 season 2019 several times under observation. Skepticism arose not only because of the alleged motor tricks . Even after the end of the season, Red Bull warfare was still annoyed that the Scuderia in Abu Dhabi had not received a harsher punishment. It was about the amount of fuel in Charles Leclerc's tank.

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Die FIA had an irregularity in the car with the start number before the race 16 detected. After the Monegasse rolled over the finish line as third, the rule-keepers advised. There was at least 4.8 kilograms of fuel between the Ferrari measurement and that of the FIA.

In the end, only a fine of 50 . 000 US dollar imposed, Leclerc was allowed to keep third place in Abu Dhabi – to the incomprehension of Red Bull. – year-olds.

“If you look at the rules, I don't know how he couldn't be disqualified,” said team manager Christian Horner. In retrospect, Helmut Marko also speaks of a too mild punishment. “There are clear rules. This mild punishment for this offense is a joke,” says the Grazer a few days after the offense at ' Auto Bild motorsport '.

From a sporting point of view, a disqualification from Leclerc would not have been interesting for Red Bull: Max Verstappen finished second in the race, only Alexander Albon would have made up one position , Rather, the top team is concerned with “fairness” and “complying with the rules”.

As soon as the first speculations about the Ferrari engine and the power advantage came up, warfare was on Red Bull skeptical. “Ferrari's engine was pilloried for several points that were probably beyond any gray area. But nothing was done about it properly,” says Marko, annoyed.

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In the exclusive annual review 2019 the Austrian adds to 'Motorsport-Entire.com' added: “This increase in performance was blatant. It was always only available on certain rounds. If you add up one and one and then the directives came, then there is definitely something to be said. “

Addendum:” I also assume that such Ferrari escapades no longer take place next year. “Then Red Bull doesn't want any more from a Express shrink back, he announces. “If we 2020 again we will definitely suspect that there are irregularities, Express. “

Then Ferrari must disclose everything and the FIA” adequately “deal with it, according to Marko. Ferrari- Team principal Mattia Binotto has already made it clear that he will welcome a express from a competitor would: “I would be happy because we could finally show how stupid [ihre Vorwürfe] are. Then the rumors would stop. “

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