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Used to be 2020 still possible conflict, dem becomes next year put a stop to above : “There is no probability on which 13 – Tires to go back, “explains Pirelli manager Mario Isola . Because the cars will be designed for the 18 inch tires and will look completely different.

Formel-1-Auto 2021


The new tire dimensions are carved in stone, says Pirelli Zoom Download

But Isola doesn't expect any problems again anyway: “Fortunately we are 2019 already completed three assessments: The first strategies of the 18 – inch-tire conflict intestine. So I do not expect any surprises this year, “said the Italian.

Pirelli had tested the new tires for the first time in September in Le Castellet when Renault with a test car over two days 213 Unwound rounds. “When everything is new, you usually expect an arena and maybe have to stop half a trace or more,” said Isola. “But we had no problems at all.”

The manufacturer was able to do more than 1 on these days. 000 Drive kilometers and go through his program.

Pirelli can use the new 18 – customs Thoroughly test tires before the Formula 1 debut: Formula 2 will 2020 pioneer the larger tire dimensions.

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