(Motorsport-Whole.com) – With Nico Hülkenberg and Robert Kubica there are in the Formula 1 season 2020 to report two departures. The start numbers 27 and 88 will be missing on the grid in Melbourne. Became once happens with these two numbers? And when can they be used again?

Nico Hülkenberg

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The number 27 will only be used again in a few years Zoom Download

Das FIA sporting regulations stipulates that since 2014 each driver must select a fixed start number for his entire career in Formula 1 – from 2 to 99. Number 1 is reserved for the world champion, but Lewis Hamilton only drove in the training in Abu Dhabi.

The Briton prefers the 44, his lucky number from the karting time. Nico Hülkenberg, however, has the number 27 selected, so the German has driven in the past six years. This number became known mainly thanks to the Canadian Gilles Villeneuve, although Ayrton Senna, Alan Jones and Jean Alesi also celebrated success with it.

With this history Hülkenberg's decision, however, to do nothing as he 2019 betrayed. In only 48 Hours he had to commit himself to a number. “Furthermore I asked my father at lunch, he became. He said: 'Why don't you submit your date of birth? 19. August, 19 plus eight, 27. ' And the battle's. “

When can the 27 used again in Formula 1? According to Article 9.2 of the Sporting Regulations, a career is considered to be ended if the driver does not return to the premier class within two years. After two years of stay, Hülkenberg's start number may be used again, furthermore 2022.

Gilles Villeneuve

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Legendary: Gilles Villeneuve coined the number 27 Zoom Download

This also applies to Robert Kubica's start number 88. This was previously used 2016 by Rio Haryanto. 2020 becomes a pilot with the Start number 6 go to the launch, Williams driver Nicholas Latifi has chosen the former number of Nico Rosberg.

Since 2014 some start numbers have already been assigned several times after a two-year stay : Number 4 (Max Chilton 2014, Lando Norris 2019)), 10 (Kamui Kobayashi 2014, Pierre Gasly 2017) and the 99 (Adrian Sutil 2014, Antonio Giovinazzi 2019).

The start number will no longer be allocated 17 from Jules Bianchi. The number 0 is equally unpopular, but allowed. According to the book 'Appropriate Prix stories' by Stefan Ehlen ( Subsidized Hyperlink : Order now on Amazon! ) used on a racing car.

Jody Scheckter drove it 1973 at the Canada Appropriate Prix in Mosport and at the US race in Watkins Glen, as he was third driver joined McLaren. The South African had previously used this number in the US CanAm series.

Lella Lombardi

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Lella Lombardi drove in Producers Hatch with the 208 on the Brabham Zoom Download

1993 the zero returned. Since Nigel Mansell Formula 1 after his world title 1992 left directly, none of the Williams drivers was entitled to number 1 – however, the team became world design champions and was therefore entitled to 1 and 2. Alain Prost finally drove with 2, Damon Hill with 0.

Also the number 13 was never chosen out of superstition. Until Pastor Maldonado chose this number as the start number, he denied it 38 Grands Prix. It is also the smallest number that never won a race (in Barcelona 2012 he drove with the number 18).

The largest number with which a race was ever won is the 101. Alberto Ascari was crowned with it 1952 in Germany to the winner. The highest start number ever belonged to a woman: Lella Lombardi tried 1974 in a Brabham with the number 208 to qualify for the race in Producers Hatch, but failed. Behind the number is the sponsor Radio Luxembourg, who is on frequency 208 sent.

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