Brawn on steep curves sure: Pirelli does it better than Michelin


( – 14 for years they were from Formula 1 disappeared. But from May 1st to 3rd 2020 they will return to the calendar at the Dutch Grand Prix: steep curves.

Zandvoort, Baustelle

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Steep curves are currently being built in Zandvoort (archive picture from November 2019) Zoom Download

Formula 1 has been a burned child when it comes to excessive curves since 2005 there was the historic Michelin debacle in Indianapolis. The six-car race is still one of the greatest embarrassments in the history of motorsport. Since it didn't help either that 2006 and 2007 the race in the “Brickyard” went off without any problems.

Now Formula 1 in Zandvoort dares to try again and of course the old trauma returns to the collective memory. Will Pirelli do it? For their part, the Italians were always in focus due to tire damage, but that was several years ago.

Formula 1 sports director Ross Brawn has full confidence in the standard tire supplier: “It looks good. Me don't expect any problems with the steep curves in Zandvoort because Pirelli did all the simulations. “

Construction progress in Zandvoort

The work in Zandvoort is before the Formula 1 season 2020 further. After a long Dwell there is again a Grand Prix of the Netherlands. More Formula 1 videos

The arena in Indianapolis 2005 was lower than the mere existence of an inflated curve: “We have today only one tire supplier, so we can drive different tire pressures if we have to. We don't expect any difficulties, however, all the figures indicate no problems. “

Also means: the tire competition and the extremely low Pressures that were driven thereby contributed to the arena at that time. In the case of a single tire supplier, any problems would simply be circumvented using a new regulation.

The deliberate creation of steep curves represents a novelty in modern Formula 1. But Brawn is completely convinced: “This is a very exciting track. I struggle about how we could turn the track into a good race track, but they did it. Now there is a decently long Inaugurate finish straight with the last one Curve, this is going to be very exciting. “

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