Carey criticizes former Formula 1 bosses: “shit on product”


( – Formula 1 boss Creep Carey has strongly criticized his predecessors and said that they were too critical of the sport and on “shit” the product instead of solving Formula 1 problems. Ex-Formula 1 boss Bernie Ecclestone in particular had repeatedly derogatory commented on the V6 hybrid engines and even said that he would not buy a day for Formula 1.

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Creep Carey cannot understand the approach of its predecessors Zoom Get

There is little understanding at Carey: “I think that the sport was not organized,” he says at a conference in Baku. “I talked about the hybrid engines and the incredible technology behind them, but in the years before, everyone shit on them instead of saying, 'It's the most efficient engine, it's an incredible piece of technology,'” he says.

This only criticized the matter instead of solving it. “There were some problems, but not enough has been done to address the problems,” he says.

Costs are an important issue for Americans. Liberty Media tries to make Formula 1 grow and make the championship more sustainable for the groups. At Bernie Ecclestone, the main focus was on maximizing profit, which had led to rising costs and an unfair distribution of money.

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Liberty Media has now negotiated a budget limit and wants to distribute the prize money more fairly. For Carey, however, all of this comes quite late: “We are at a point where the issue should have been addressed a long time ago,” he says. “People complained about it, but they didn't do anything. Usually you solve problems in life if you have any.”

Another topic is the calendar. Formula 1 is constantly pushing into new markets and keeps the calendar growing. Although you have 22 races knowledgeable year, there is always new prospective customers entering the market. The Formula 1 boss sees this as a strength. “We are lucky that we have much more demand than supply.”

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To He says he will select future races: “We want to be selective and enter into long-term partnerships.” He sees it as a sign of interest in sport. “And the interest was not captured earlier because the sport did not do the things it had to do.”

“The sport has become too critical and, as I said, has affected the Motors shit. And Bernie said that he would not buy a card. This is complaining, not repairing. “

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