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( – How will the corona virus affect the Formula 1 season opener? More and more top-class core markets are issuing strict entry requirements , most recently Vietnam and Bahrain . Sports director Ross Brawn has now spoken to the latest developments. He emphasized that an honorable prix would not take place if a country denied entry to certain teams.

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Ross Brawn reacts to Corona concerns of the Italian teams Zoom Rep

Especially the Italian teams (Ferrari, AlphaTauri and partly also Haas) are from entry regulations affected, including tire supplier Pirelli and brake manufacturer Brembo. Therefore Mattia Binotto and Franz Tost have already expressed concerns .

Now sports director Ross Brawn towards ' Reuters ' it is clear that no Formula 1 race will take place without Italian teams. “If a team is denied entry into a country, then we cannot drive a race. No Formula 1 World Championship race, anywhere, because that would be unfair.”

Negotiations with the Vietnamese authorities

The Briton is repeating the statements made by AlphaTauri team boss Tost who also spoke of “unfair” conditions. Brawn adds: “If a team of their own volition does not drive to a race, then of course that is the decision.”

But where entry restrictions are a competitive disadvantage for some racing teams, especially the traditional team Ferrari, equal, wants to counter Liberty Media. “If a team is prevented from coming to a race because that is how a country decides, it is difficult to hold a fair competition.”

He takes Binotto and Co. the great worry of not being able to participate in a race. Brawn is also responding to the latest developments in recent days. Yesterday Vietnam, which wants to host the premiere in Hanoi on April 5, has a 14 – day quarantine prescribed for all Italians.

Photo gallery: completion of the Formula 1 track in Vietnam

Rund einen Monat vor dem geplanten Formel-1-Rennen in Vietnam ist die Strecke fertiggestellt. Klicke dich durch die Bilder!

Around a month before The planned Formula 1 race in Vietnam is completed. Click through the pictures! Photo gallery

Brawn reveals that Liberty Media I am currently negotiating with the Vietnamese health authorities to allow the race to take place. “They want to run the race, but at the same time they have to protect their population. We are therefore currently looking at what solutions there could be.”

One possible solution: charter flights especially for the Italian ones Formula One employees direct from Melbourne to Bahrain, with no stops and health checks on arrival. Because Bahrain also issued new guidelines on Tuesday .

This is after the China race, which has already been postponed indefinitely , two more races (Bahrain on 22. March and Vietnam on April 5) on the verge. The sports director knows that the Instruct can change “daily” because the outbreak of Covid – 19 still does not seem to be under control.

Brawn: “We will try to race”

“It is difficult to give definitive answers, but we will find solutions. ” The season start on 15. According to their promoters, March in Australia should take place as planned . Brawn also affirmed that driving should be in Melbourne.

However, he adds: “This is a serious situation, I don't want to downplay it. But we will try to race. We have to conduct the Grands Prix in a responsible manner. “

It is already clear that the number of people in the paddock will continue to be restricted and only as many team members as are absolutely necessary Racetrack should be sent.

Currently there are around 92. 300 confirmed Corona cases known worldwide. 3. 100 deaths have already been reported. In addition to China (80. 000 Cases ) are South Korea (5. 000), Iran (2nd 300) and Italy (2. 000) particularly affected. In Australia 39 cases are known in Bahrain 49 and in Vietnam 16.

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