Mercedes is playing a pioneering role: CO2 neutral in 2020!


( – Mercedes continues the “green” idea of ​​Formula 1 and has set ambitious goals for the future: By 2022 the Formula 1 team would like to reduce its CO2 emissions by 50 Reduce percent. At the same time, it has been announced that it will be greenhouse gas neutral this year. Formula 1 itself set the goal for 2030 .

Lewis Hamilton


Mercedes is increasingly committed to the topic of sustainability Zoom Accumulate

The Silver Arrows are currently producing round 20. 000 tons of CO2 emissions per year. Within the next three years, the team would like this value to be around 10. 000 Halve tons. You can't do without it completely because the Formula 1 races take place all over the world and there are inevitable emissions.

The team will compensate for this by compensating for the gold long established. In this way, the Formula 1 team, including the two development sites in Brackley and Brixworth, will be CO2- from 2020 be neutral.

Wolff: Want to be at the forefront of change

This announcement is in line with the overall corporate strategy: The new passenger car fleet from Daimler should be 20 CO2-neutral years, from 2022 all European plants also produce greenhouse gas neutral. Mercedes has also been active in Formula E since last year.

“The entire automotive industry is in the midst of a massive change. Daimler is leading the way in many respects and assumes responsibility for sustainable mobility “says motorsport director Toto Wolff. “We represent the brand with the star on the race track and we want our motorsport platforms to be a case study for the rapid and open-minded use of innovations for a more sustainable future.”

“That ranges from hybrid and battery-electric technologies in our racing cars to our everyday business processes on the racetrack and in our production facilities. We want to be at the forefront of this change, “emphasizes the Austrian.

As submitted by Brackley and Brixworth

The high-tech chassis plant in Brackley already uses renewable energy sources, to power the entire operation. These include the Group's wind tunnel, the data center, the digital simulation environment and the test benches.

Formula 1 technology: That could change on the Mercedes W 11

We watch united statesa., Became Mercedes at the new W 11 could change to the nose even in the Formula 1 season 2020 again in front of the opponents. More Formula 1 Movies

The technology center in Brixworth produces more than half of its electricity through on-site solar collectors and combined heat and power. For all external energy sources, HPP has set itself the goal of switching to renewable energies in the course of the year.

The new orientation will also be reflected on the racetrack: One-way plastics should be Area no longer available, and hotel stays with a low environmental impact for the team members are introduced.

Hamilton enthusiastic

Lewis Hamilton is extremely satisfied with the measures taken by his employer: “Sustainability is very important to me personally. I am becoming more and more attentive to the environmental aspects with which we see united states all over the world and I want to have a positive influence and try to do my part, “he says.

The Brit has been a vegan for some time and has changed his way of life in order to be more climate-neutral on the road his. He also regularly preaches environmental issues through his social channels.

“It is great that Mercedes is taking responsibility for sustainability and that the entire Mercedes family is making enormous efforts to address this issue “said the Briton. “I hope that I too can make a significant contribution to this change.”

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