Shocking: A new Formula 1 main sponsor dressed his employee as hand sanitiser


If we are currently witnessing many stories of distress and kindness in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, we unfortunately have another side of the story. The recent incident was a promotional act triggered by the new Formula One main sponsor, Saudi Arabian oil company Aramco, which dressed its employee in a “human” hand sanitizer.

The company has been accused of racism after images of a foreigner wearing a dress in what looked like a walking bottle of hand sanitizer were spread. The man was observed wearing a mask and a pack of hand-disinfectant on his body, standing in front of one of Aramco’s stores and delivering fluid to passers-by.


The incident sparked immediate outrage as many accused Aramco of racism. Many have condemned Aramco for “degrading” work and called the incident “inhumanizing” and similar to “modern slavery”.

The oil giant, meanwhile, has already apologized for the “abuse” and explained that their sole purpose was to raise awareness of the coronavirus.

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