Ross Brawn's Calendar Puzzle: Triple Header with Two Day Occasions?


( – Formula 1 is facing the big challenge, its calendar for 2020) . As many canceled races as possible should be made up for, even if it is still unclear how many races COVID – 19 still fall victim. So far, Australia, Bahrain, China and Vietnam are clear, Zandvoort, Barcelona and Monaco are currently on the brink.

Ross Brawn


Ross Brawn and his colleagues are facing busy times Zoom Download

Formula 1 sports director Ross Brawn is already thinking: “I think we can make a decent calendar,” he says to 'Sky Sports activities F1' and does not want to take a break from unusual measures.

“When we take the summer break we would have a few weekends where we could have a race, “he says. However, because the calendar is otherwise quite full, the teams could face unpopular triple headers.

However, Brawn holds out the prospect of a possible change in format. “We talked about two-day occasions,” he says. “That could be a probability.” And it would be a good test run for 2021 if the layout would be shortened anyway.

Photo gallery: In pictures: Melbourne after the Formula 1 cancellation

Am Freitagmorgen (Ortszeit) verkündet die Formel 1 die Absage des Australien-Grand-Prix und hält unter freiem Himmel eine Pressekonferenz ab.

On Friday morning (local time) Formula 1 announces the cancellation of the Australia-Suitable-Prix and holds a press conference in the open air. Photo gallery

“Became we from the teams this year need is flexibility, “Brawn continues. But he is sure that the teams will show understanding and in the end a calendar will come out that will save the season as best as possible. “He'll look different, but still have a good number of races,” he announces.

“I'm pretty optimistic that we 17 or 18 Races or more. I think we can put them in. It depends on when the season starts. “

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