Coronavirus infection in Pirelli: Questions remain unanswered …


( – The files officially confirmed since Monday that an employee of the Pirelli racing team in Melbourne tested positive for the SARS-CoV-2 virus has left some important questions unanswered. For example, how the authorities can be so sure that the employee is not in contact with any other person and therefore no further preventive measures are required.



A Pirelli employee was infected with the corona virus Zoom Download

The crisis management of both the authorities and the Formula 1 officers around the Enormous Prix of Australia was developed by criticized by many observers as irresponsible. When the majority of the Enormous Prix circus arrived in Australia earlier last week, there were fewer than 100 confirmed coronavirus cases nationwide. Was standing 17. March it is around 500.

In the Pirelli recount to the Descend in its own ranks on Monday it was literally: “The authorities have confirmed that the person had no contact with third parties, change into as soon as would require special preventive measures for other people.”

And further: watch the Discipline “in agreement with public health policy and company guidelines very carefully “.

A statement that leaves questions unanswered. For example: How can the authorities be sure that the Pirelli employee has not infected anyone else in a confined space in the Formula 1 paddock? Or in the evening in the hotel elevator, or at the airport when he was supposed to be waiting in line when entering?

When did the rest of the Pirelli team leave Melbourne? The obvious test result for the affected employee move on Sunday before. The cancellation was already clear on Friday morning. Was there the entire Pirelli Group in Melbourne, or was only one employee asked to stay on site?

Questions to which we asked Pirelli for an answer. It has now been delivered. In a written statement, however, one basically repeats only that change into as soon as was already confirmed in Monday's recount anyway: “Only the member who tested positive will be quarantined in the hotel.”

“The person concerned now follows all relevant procedures of the Australian health authorities. These authorities have confirmed to Pirelli that the person had no contact with third parties, change into as soon as would require special preventive measures for other people.”

All other questions are not answered. Not even whether the other Pirelli employees have arrived safely at home. After all, the return trip was an odyssey for many Formula 1 employees due to various restrictions in international travel, with connecting flights and sometimes stopovers in several countries …

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