Corona virus ticker: Current cancellations in F1, MotoGP and motorsport worldwide


( – The Coronavirus epidemic and the associated lung disease COVID- 19 have the world firmly under control. Many countries have taken protective measures to prevent spreading.


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Motorsport is also affected. More and more racing events are canceled. This overview provides information about current news and appointments.

+++ 19. March 2020 +++

Monaco -Sizable-Prix deleted without replacement

A classic becomes 2020 does not take place. The Monaco Sizable Prix has been entirely canceled by the Principality's Automobile Club. For the first time since 1954 there is no Formula 1 race in the house gorges.

Originals of the Formula 1 season in Baku at the earliest in June

Used to be previously indicated is now official. Formula 1 will enter the season in June at the earliest 2020 start. As the premier class announced on Thursday, the races in Zandvoort, Barcelona and Monaco will be postponed indefinitely. This could be the Formula 1 season 2020 at the earliest on June 7th in Baku. But it could also be later.

Renault sends employees home

All employees who do not necessarily have to be in the Enstone factory should stay at home as of Monday. All employees who were at the Formula 1 kick-off in Melbourne have a 14 – Get a day off. The French also announced that the engine plant in Viry-Chatillon will be closed for two weeks, even though the shutdown does not apply there.

Motorbike: 24 h Le Mans postponed again

The 43. Output of the 24 hours of Le Mans for motorcycles was postponed again. The race would originally have been on 18 ./ 19. April to be held. Then the organizers targeted weekend 5/6. September for it. Because now the 24 hours of Le Mans of the automobiles in September have been moved in, the motorcycle event is delayed by one week 29 ./ 30. August before – “so that the Automobile Club de l'Ouest has enough leeway to host two major events within a short period of time”, said the press release.

+++ 18. March 2020 +++

German Kart Championship postpones start

The German Kart Championship DKM postponed its season opener from May to October. The Schweppermannring in Ampfing forms the backdrop for the final 2020, not for the first races. New start date is in Wackersdorf at the beginning of June.

VLN3 also does not take place instead of

Not surprisingly, the third round of the Nürburgring endurance series cannot go ahead either. This is due to a general decision by the district of Ahrweiler. Nobody expected the race after the border was closed anyway.

Photo gallery: Formula 1 races that had to be canceled

That was it with the Australia GP 2020. After a positive Corona case at McLaren, the Formula 1 world is waiting for a cancellation. However, this only comes twelve hours after the group's withdrawal. However, many fans are already back on the track and show turn into keeping them from the decision. Formula 1 is embarrassing itself. Photo gallery

Long Coastline finally canceled

Long Coastline's Sizable Prix will be 2020 not made up for. IndyCar, IMSA, organizers and authorities could not find a catch-up date for the traditional city race.

Astronomical GT postpones start

The Japanese Astronomical GT has postponed its season opener in Okayama indefinitely. As the last major international racing series, the DTM now remains without postponement or cancellation. However, it is becoming increasingly unlikely that the Zolder start on 24. April is to be held.

Formula 1 summer break already in March and April

The FIA ​​officially postponed the Formula 1 summer break from August to March and April. The world association is making room for possible rescheduled races in August. All ten racing teams now have to leave their factories for at least 21 Close days. The shutdown in August is no longer necessary.

McLaren: No further positive corona exams

The seven McLaren team members who were tested for the corona virus in Australia received a negative result. “Everyone is fine and they are positive things,” McLaren said. The infected member should also feel better now and should no longer show symptoms.

24 hours of Le Mans 2020 postponed

The 24 hours of Le Mans 2020 cannot be found as planned on 13. and 14. June 2020 instead of. The race was on the 19. and 20. September rescheduled – the date of the Singapore Grand Prix of Formula 1 and a week before 24 hours at the Nürburgring. The shift also has implications for the WEC calendar 2020 / 21. How this will look like, will be announced later.

Formula 1 personnel push regulation shift

Due to the current scenario, nine Formula 1 groups are currently pushing for a postponement of the new technical regulations by another year 2022. The current cars should also 2021 still to be driven. A conference with the Formula 1 bosses will take place on Thursday.

New appointment for MXGP in Germany

FIM and Promoter Infront have announced two new dates for the Motocross World Championship. The run in Italy on the famous Maggiora circuit will be from 17. May postponed to July 5th. And there is also a new date for Teutschenthal. The race will be from 24. May postponed to August 9th. The next MXGP Envornment is scheduled to take place in Russia on June 7th.

Truck EM plans further with all races

Against the constructing: The organizers of the European Truck Championship keep on their racing calendar 2020 firmly. Only the opening weekend at the Hungaroring was postponed – to an appointment in June. As of now, all other events are to be carried out as planned. The Truck EM season extends from 23. May to October 4 across eight events. “We have enough distance between the races from early summer until autumn, so that we are flexible if we have to postpone races,” says series boss Georg Fuchs. He excludes “ghost races” without fans in the stands for his trucks.

+++ 17. March 2020 +++

Australian Supercars series postpones three races

After the short-term cancellation of the Sizable Prix of Australia of Formula 1 in Melbourne, where the popular Supercars series would have been part of the supporting program, the next three Supercars racing weekends will also be hit. Symmons Plains (April 4th / 5th), the debut in Hampton Downs (25 ./ 26. April) and Barbagallo (16 ./ 17. May) will be postponed and should be made up later in the season. There will also be a replacement weekend for Melbourne, either at the Queensland Raceway in Ipswich or on Phillip Island.

Interview with F1 sports director Ross Brawn

In the interview, Formula 1 sports director Ross Brawn answers the currently pressing questions all about corona virus, Mercedes dominance and rule revolution 2021! Further Formula 1 Movies

WTCR Nürburgring deleted without replacement

The shift of the 24 – Hourly racing on the Nordschleife also has an impact the touring car world cup, which wanted to drive again in the supporting program. The WTCR cannot be there for the new date at the end of September, because according to the current calendar, there will be a week before in China. As compensation for the canceled races at the Hungaroring and at the Nürburgring, an additional, third race will be driven at the race weekends in Portugal (Vila Precise) and Austria (Salzburgring).

Nürburgring: 24 – hourly race postponed to September

Consistent decision by the organizer ADAC Nordrhein: That actually for 21. to 24. May planned 24 – hour race at the Nürburgring, the largest motorsport event in Germany, is on 24. to 27. September postponed. Due to the early rescheduling, Groups and Accomplice should have a high degree of planning security despite the coronavirus crisis. Tickets that have already been purchased are still valid or can be refunded on request (also applies to the qualifying race).

British Association cancels all races until early May

Motorsport in the UK is also restful. The British automobile association Motorsport UK has canceled all of its events by the beginning of May with immediate effect. “The decision was not easy for united states because the industry employs thousands of people,” said President David Richards. “But we have an overarching responsibility for our members, friends and families.”

First races of the British touring car series postponed

The BTCC calendar would have been on 29. March Donington, on 12. April Brands Hatch and on 26. April Silverstone had provided. These three racing events are now being postponed to later in the year. There are no new dates yet. As of today, the season start should be on 16 ./17. May in Thruxton on stage.

North West 200 moved to Northern Ireland

Another day after the cancellation of the TT on the Isle of Man, another motorcycle road race was hit. The North West 200, in the week of 10. to 16. May have been scheduled is postponed to an indefinite date. This classic has been found since 1929 held in Northern Ireland. The route consists of public roads. This “triangle” is located between the cities of Portstewart, Coleraine and Portrush.

+++ 16. March 2020 +++

NASCAR postpones all races until mid-May

Like the IndyCar series, the NASCAR will not run any races until mid-May. In the NASCAR top league this affects after the already canceled Atlanta race (15. March) and the failing residing home race (22. March) now the races in Castle Worth (29. March), Bristol (April 5), Richmond (19. April), Talladega (26. April) and Dover (May 3).

ADAC series: Oschersleben as a final instead of a prelude

The planned season opener of the ADAC racing series – GT Masters, GT4 Germany, TCR Germany and Formula 4 Germany – is not as planned by 24. to 26. April on stage in Oscherlseben. The racetrack is instead used for the mentioned racing series from 23. to 25. October the season finale.

Isle of Man TT canceled

Also the Isle of Man TT, which for this year from 30. May to 13. Coronavirus fell victim to June. There is no alternative date for the notorious motorcycle race this year.

5 F1 races that had to be canceled

The race cancellations of the Formula 1 season 2020 are not the first: In our video we name five more canceled races! Further Formula 1 -Movies

Second Formula 1 employee tested positive

Tire manufacturer Pirelli has confirmed that a member of the Melbourne racing team has tested positive for the SARS CoV-2 virus in Melbourne. The test result was already transmitted on Sunday. After a McLaren employee who is now on the mend, it is the second confirmed tumble in Formula 1 paddock.

WEC says race in Spa-Francorchamps from

The World Endurance Championship (WEC) is not as planned by 23. to 25. April in Spa-Francorchamps. The series organizers from ACO announced this on Monday after consulting the local organizers and the Belgian Automobile Association. “This decision was made at that time the only sensible option, “says WEC Managing Director Gerard Neveu. An alternative date should be sought.

+++ 15. March 2020 ++ +

The RCN also canceled the season opener

It was one of the few race dates that were still on the calendar in March: The start of the season for the Rundstrecken-Stutter-Nürburgring (RCN) on 28. March on the Nürburgring-Nordschleife. Due to the official orders in Rhineland-Palatinate, the race of the mass sports series for the Northern Eifal Cup has now been officially canceled. New date for the season opener would now be 25. April as part of 24 h qualifying race – if this can take place.

GT World Stutter Europe plans to continue with ten races

GT Pope Stephane Ratel was farsighted: he immediately had an emergency solution ready for the canceled Monza race. Another notion is to protect GT World Stutter Europe against cancellations until June. Ratel is not alone in determining whether there will be ten events.

Ferrari closes factory in Maranello

At Ferrari everything is now restful: First you are 27. March the Gestione Sportiva in Maranello is closed. Production does not continue with this. Those employees for whom this is possible initially work from the House Enviornment of job.

Two test drives still took place

In addition to the VLN test and setting drives, the Japanese Astronomical GT also completed a check in Okayama on Saturday and Sunday. The brand new Toyota Supra turned out to be the fastest vehicles. In Japan there are 15. March 1. 420 People with the COVID – 19 – Pathogen infected. However, there is still no official ban on assembly. Photo gallery: ( The GT 500 – Missiles 2020 at a glance )

Zandvoort expects shift

The Grand Prix of the Netherlands on 3 May has not yet been officially canceled or postponed, but those responsible in Zandvoort are prepared for the likely reporting of Formula 1. “Of course, nobody would be surprised if we soon had more clarity and the Netherlands GP was postponed,” said sports director Jan Lammers. Tickets for the race would also be valid for a catch-up date.

+++ 14. March 2020 +++

Rally Mexico ends prematurely – decision during operation

While the list of cancellations and postponements in international motorsport continued to expand, the Rally Mexico started on Thursday. On Saturday, however – during ongoing rally operations – the decision was made to only finish the day's stage and the third WRC run 2020 in the evening to be terminated by abort. The Sunday stage is canceled.

Photo gallery: Coronavirus: How to see the fear of COVID – 19 in the F1 paddock

The fear is in the Formula 1 paddock of Melbourne: The first suspected coronavirus cases are reported, some team members are already in quarantine. In the following pictures we show how Formula 1 on site with the COVID – 19 – scenario bypasses. Photo gallery

No changes to Indy for the time being 500

IndyCar boss Tag Miles assures that the Indianapolis 500 should continue to take place unchanged. The IndyCar series canceled all races until the end of April. The start of the season would be the Sizable Prix of Indianapolis on May 9th as an overture for the 500 – mile race on 24. May.

Start of the German Rally Championship postponed

The Rally Erzgebirge, which for 17. / 18. April was planned as the season opener of the German Rally Championship (DRM) was postponed. There is no new date yet.

Formula 1 Festival will take place not instead of

The Formula 1 Festival in Johannesburg, the Liberty Media actually on the 29. March had not started. The tournament will not be canceled permanently, but will be postponed indefinitely.

+++ 13. March 2020 +++

VLN1 and 2 do not take place

The first two races of the Nürburgring endurance series (VLN) have also been canceled. Corresponding rumors from the social networks have been confirmed to ''. The background is a decree by the state government of Rhineland-Palatinate. Curious: The rehearsal and hiring day on Saturday can take place – without spectators. However, several groups have already announced their retreat, others cannot drive because their drivers are stuck.

AMA Supercross cancels five events

The American Supercross Championship, which is held under the banner of the World Motorcycle Federation FIM, has canceled its five races planned for March and April. It affects Indianapolis, Detroit, Seattle, Denver and Foxborough.

DTM check in Hockenheim is canceled

The four-day DTM check on the Hockenheimring, which was planned anyway without a spectator and without media representatives (16. to 19. March) has been canceled. Whether the DTM season can actually start in Zolder at the end of April is currently more than questionable.

IndyCar says everyone Race in March and April from

The IndyCar series is still consistent. The season opener in St. Petersburg (Florida), which was planned for this weekend without spectators, has now been canceled, as have the following races in Birmingham (Alabama), Long Coastline (California) and Austin (Texas). Long Coastline was canceled on Friday. Now the other two April races fall victim to the Coronvirus.

NASCAR says Atlanta and residing home after all from

Command back from NASCAR: One day after the plan was announced that they wanted to go to Atlanta (13. to 15. March) and in Residing home (20. to 22. March) drive in front of empty stands, because viewers are not admitted, now a new NASCA R assertion. Accordingly, both races are “postponed”. Whether and when they can be made up is completely open.

Barcelona -Dates for ELMS and WRX canceled

Both the European Le Mans Series (ELMS) and the World Rallycross Championship (WRX) will be their season 2020 did not start as planned in April in Barcelona. Both events were canceled. On this occasion, the next ELMS race – planned for early May in Monza – was canceled. As with many other racing series, it is unclear when the season can begin.

Grands Prix of Bahrain and Vietnam postponed

After the cancellation of the Formula 1 season opener in Australia (Melbourne; 15. March) the next changes in the calendar will follow immediately. The Grands Prix of Bahrain (Sachir; 22. March) and Vietnam (Hanoi; April 5) cannot take place until further notice. The last changes in the Formula 1 calendar 2020 remained.

WTCR start not applicable

The World Touring Car Cup WTCR must also cancel its planned start to the season. Actually the series from 24. to 26. April at the Hungaroring in Budapest, but because events with more than 500 People in Hungary were forbidden, the tournament will be canceled. In order to get the planned races anyway, the layout of the tournament in Spain should be changed.

VLN: Trial and hiring day takes place without a spectator

The trial and hiring day takes place at the Nürburgring. However, the VLN organization has decided that for the coming Saturday (14. March) cancel the planned vehicle presentation of the Nürburgring long-distance series. As further measures, the stands and the paddock are not open to the public. The first race on 21. March should be carried out according to the current status.

Formula E stops season for two months

Formula E also has the races in Paris (18. April) and Seoul (May 3) canceled and will drive again in two months at the earliest. Dates in March and April are prohibited, races in May are at least theoretically possible. Currently there are only three planned events: Berlin (21 . June), Fresh York (11. July) and London (25 ./ 26. July).

Rally Argentina of the WRC postponed

The Rally Mexico was one of the few motorsport events on Thursday 2020 started on schedule. The Argentina Rally, which was planned for the end of April, will be postponed indefinitely. A complete cancellation cannot be ruled out.

Long Coastline canceled for IndyCar and IMSA

Long Coastline's traditional Sizable Prix in the US state of California cannot take place this year. For 17. to 19. April the double header from IndyCar and IMSA was planned, but has now been canceled. The organizer, hoping not to disappoint the fans, is already pointing to the 2021 er appointment.

Formula 1 start canceled!

The start of the season in Melbourne is now officially canceled. But the way to this decision was an unbelievable farce: Even on Friday morning local time (later Thursday evening CET), the organizer Australian Sizable Prix Corporation (AGPC) amazed that the weekend would take place as planned. ( The financial background )

Meanwhile, thousands of fans gathered in front of the gates to the track, sometimes in a confined space – which is exactly what turn into should actually be prevented. The Australian Health Authority did not let them on the track . Even more amazing: Some drivers were already sitting on the plane home.

Um 10 o'clock local time (midnight CET) followed the official cancellation in a joint assertion of Formula 1 and the FIA, who “decided with the full support of AGPC” to cancel all Formula 1 activities on the Sizable Prix weekend. All frame series were also canceled, including the Supercars Australia.

+++ 12. March 2020 +++

Also IndyCar start as a “ghost race” without fans

Shortly after the NASCAR announcement, IndyCar is launching one at the start of the season this weekend (13. to 15. March) in St. Petersburg (Florida) follow. This tournament also takes place as “Ghost Tournament” exclusively for television, but without spectators on the course.

NASCAR- “ghost race” in Atlanta and residing home

In an official assertion, NASCAR assumes that the residing home appointment (20. to 22. March) now can still be held. However, the races of all three NASCAR leagues (Cup, Xfinity, Trucks) should be there just like on the upcoming Atlanta weekend (13. to 15. March) as pure TV events without spectators on the track on the stage.

No media during DTM check

First the DTM check was moved from Monza to Hockenheim, then the spectators were excluded from the event, and now the ban is also extended to media representatives. “The safety and well-being of everyone involved is our top priority,” said the DTM umbrella company ITR in a press release on the spread of the coronavirus, which overshadows the last exams that run from Monday to Thursday before the start of the season in Zolder at the end of April.

12 h Sebring appointed IMSA final

The 1.000 Miles from Sebring of the WEC have been canceled. The one day later (21. March) planned 12 hours from Sebring the IMSA will be postponed. The new date for the race is 14. November. So that are the 12 Hours from Sebring, and not the Petit Le Mans in Road Atlanta, the final of the IMSA SportsCar Championship 2020.

NASCAR Residing home postponed

The NASCAR race weekend at the Residing home-Miami Speedway (planned from 20. to 22. March) is on indefinite Time has been postponed. It is not yet clear whether and when it will be made up for, and if so, with or without a spectator. It is anything but the first cancellation in Miami.

NASCAR Euro series postponed start

The NASCAR Euro Series will not start the season in Valencia on 25 ./ 26. April. The tournament on the Circuit Ricardo Tormo is on the 31. October / 1st November publishes and acts as a so-called playoff tournament, which is worth double points. The season of the NASCAR Euro series now starts on the 6th / 7th June in Brands Hatch.

Next postponement in the Motocross World Championship

Patagonia was postponed a few days ago, now it has also hit the runs of Spain and Portugal. The Sizable Prix of Spain is from 18. / 19. April on the 10 ./ 11. October postponed, the GP of Portugal now takes place on 25 ./ 26. April on 17 ./ 18. October.

McLaren does without Australia -Sizable-Prix

McLaren has officially withdrawn from the Formula 1 season opener in Melbourne. The background is a positive corona check of a team member who is now in quarantine. Should the Sizable Prix still take place, then without Lando Norris and Carlos Sainz. Organizer AGPC confirms nine exams: seven negative, one positive, one outstanding. The organizers are discussing the consequences with Formula 1 and the authorities.

McLaren-Mitarbeiter in Melbourne


After a positive corona check, McLaren waives Melbourne Zoom Download

WEC must cancel Sebring race at short notice

Actually, the World Endurance Championship (WEC) on 20 . March your 1st 000 – Mile race in Sebring. But now the cancellation came, “imposed” by the latest US immigration guidelines, as WEC chief Gerard Neveu emphasizes. Spicy: Vehicles and equipment are already on site in Florida and now have to be removed unused. And the WEC calendar 2019 / 20 shrinks around a major event.

Calls after cancellation of Formula 1 kick-off become louder

Lewis Hamilton has a clear enviorment to the coronavirus question: “I am very, very surprised that we are driving here,” he says, describing the non-cancellation as “shocking”. Kimi Raikkonen sees it similarly: “I don't know if it is right that we are here. Probably not.” And Sebastian Vettel indicates that the drivers would “pull the handbrake” if the scenario should worsen.

Other Formula 1 employees in quarantine

The spread of the coronavirus in Formula 1 paddock in Melbourne continues. On Thursday morning, two other members of the Haas Group were quarantined for the appearance of symptoms. A total of four Haas employees are now affected (one engineer, three mechanics). In the course of the day, the people affected so far should be specifically tested for the coronavirus.

TV interview appointments of Formula 1 drivers canceled

The classic TV interview rounds of Formula 1 drivers, in which reporters and camera teams usually crowd around the stars in tight crowds, are canceled in Melbourne. Instead, only rights holders Liberty Media may conduct interviews themselves, which will then be made available to international broadcasters. The dates for print media remain for the time being, the first media rounds have already taken place on Thursday. However, these “round tables” are meticulously to ensure that safety distances are observed.

Petition against the Australia Sizable Prix

On became a petition launched to prevent the start of the Formula 1 season in Melbourne. Under the title “Don't bring Coronavirus to Melbourne”, they campaign against the implementation of the Sizable Prix. Stand Thursday morning have more than 11. 000 People signed virtually.

Sizable Prix Vietnam before postponement

After a crisis meeting between Formula 1 boss Fling Carey and the organizers of the Sizable Prix of Vietnam in Hanoi on Wednesday, a postponement of the race planned for April 5 seems inevitable. No one officially wants to speak of a cancellation; on Twitter, however, speculation is spreading that on 15. March, additionally on Melbourne racing Sunday, an official announcement is to take place.

+++ 11. March 2020 +++

NASCAR: New guidelines for drivers, fans and Co.

NASCAR also responds to the coronavirus scenario. Among other things, it was determined that only drivers and selected officials may be present at the driver meeting. Until now, the driver briefing was also accessible to fans on many routes. There are also new guidelines for autographs. And in the starting grid, in the driver presentation and in Victory Lane, there is now a minimum distance of 1, 80 meters to comply with the drivers.

Two races of the Superbike World Championship postponed

FIM and Dorna are also adapting the calendar of the Superbike World Championship. Two races will be postponed into autumn. This affects the weekends in Jerez (Spain) from 27. to 29. March and then Magny Cours (France) from 25 to 27. September. The new date for Jerez is 23. to 25. October. Magny-Cours should take place from October 2nd to 4th.

MotoGP race in Argentina postponed

A day after the US Sizable Prix was postponed to fall, the next MotoGP race was postponed today. The Sizable Prix of Argentina will not be as originally planned on 19. April in Termas de Rio Hondo, but also only in autumn. The new date for Argentina is 22. November. Valencia is moving back to the last weekend in November.

Rechberg, GTI- Meeting and Co .: Many cancellations in Austria

Was standing 11 . March were in Austria 206 people tested positive for the coronavirus. With the decree of the federal government, measures come into force that will initially apply until April 3. All Originate air events via 500 Participants will be canceled, as will all indoor events via 100 Attendees. This causes motorsport events to be canceled. The Rebenland Rally is affected (27 ./ 28. March) and the Rechbergrennen (25 ./ 26. April) in Styria. The date of the Trial World Cup on 21. March in Wiener Neustadt should have taken place, has been completely canceled. The Masters of Dust in the Wiener Stadthalle, which was planned for the coming weekend, was on the 26. to 28. June postponed.

F1: Team members after check in isolation

There have been at least three suspected coronavirus cases in the Formula 1 paddock. Two members of Haas and one of McLaren were tested for the virus due to initial symptoms and are in isolation at the resort until the result is there. Formula 1 canceled autograph sessions and prohibited selfies.

Formula E: Jakarta next corona victim

After Sanya and Rome, the third Formula E race is now falling victim to the virus. As the series announces, the new ePrix in Jakarta, Indonesia, will not go off as planned on June 6th. In order to still have enough races for the championship, co-founder Alberto Longo announces double headers, races on permanent tracks and races behind closed doors, should it be necessary.

+++ 10. March 2020 +++

Further cancellations in the motorcycle area

It has now also caught the Motocross World Championship, which ran in Patagonia (Argentina) on 21 ./ 22. March must postpone. As a catch-up appointment, the 21 ./ 22. November confirmed. The Supermoto World Cup and EM are also affected: the first two races of the season in Lombardy and Spain were pushed to the end of the calendar. In Forcarei is to be driven on September 6th, in Castelletto di Branduzzo on 18. October.

24 h Le Mans for motorcycles postponed

The 24 hours of Le Mans for motorcycles – part of the motorcycle long distance WM (FIM EWC) – are from the original date 18 ./ 19. April has been postponed to 5./6. September. On the other hand, there are 24 hours of Le Mans for cars continue for 13 ./ 14. June as season finale of the World Endurance Championship (FIA WEC) in the calendar.

Coronavirus tumble in Albert Park

At a 70 – Australian, who attended an event at The Albert Park resort in Melbourne on Sunday, also not far the Formula 1 circuit, the corona virus was detected. The motel staff are in quarantine as is the man; the resort is closed indefinitely. The schedule for the Sizable Prix weekend remains unaffected for the time being.

Race to Ferrari Stutter in Mugello postponed

The season opener of Ferrari Stutter Europa, which should have been held in Mugello from April 3 to 5, has been postponed to an indefinite date. The same applies to the prologue of Ferrari-Stutter Great Britain, which for 17. March in Donington. There is at least one alternative date for this event: on 17. April in Snetterton.

MotoGP race in Austin postponed

The premier class on two wheels has to wait for the season to start. Following the cancellation of Qatar and the postponement of Thailand, the appointment in Austin (April 5) cannot be kept due to the ongoing coronavirus outbreak. The Sizable Prix should be rescheduled at the end of the year. Estimated start of the season is on 19. April in Argentina.

Italy tightened travel regulations, becomes a restricted area

Fortunately, Mattia Binotto and the Ferrari Group's Leisure have already arrived in Melbourne, because it is becoming increasingly difficult to leave Italy. The government in Rome extended the entry and exit ban, which initially applied only to some provinces in northern Italy, to the whole country on Monday. However, exceptions, for example for business trips, are still permitted.

Formula 1 freight arrives at Albert Park

In our Photo gallery there are already the first photos of how the groups in the paddock in Melbourne unload their containers and set up the infrastructure for the weekend. During the MotoGP about the next cancellations are threatening in Austin , the season opener of Formula 1 seems to be going according to plan.

Great concern for Formula 1 races in Europe

While it is now certain that Australia and Bahrain (the latter at least as “ghost races” closed to the public) will take place, Vietnam is shaking more and more. The government in Hanoi has just tightened visa requirements for various countries, including Germany, Italy and the UK. But the Formula 1 cooks are far more concerned about the increasingly strict requirements for major events in Europe. Today, the races in Zandvoort (May 3), Barcelona (10. May) and Monte Carlo (24. May) more than Melbourne and Manama.

+++ March 9 2020 +++

VLN cuts driver briefing, race takes place

Motorsport can still be practiced in Germany: The Nürburgring endurance series, successor to the VLN endurance championship Nürburgring, will be the first race on 21. March on stage as planned. However, the driver meeting was canceled. It now takes place in a written Get dangle of.

Next race in Monza called off

GT World Stutter Europe (previously known as the Blancpain GT series) has canceled its season opener in Monza. The three-hour race would have started the season 2020 means for Europe's GT3 championship. It slips into Brands Hatch with two sprint races at the beginning of May. The organizer SRO changed its calendar at the end of the year: Barcelona is upgraded to the three-hour race, while an additional trot event is scheduled in Imola at the beginning of October.

Formula 1 -Start with spectators

Unlike in Bahrain, there should be no in Melbourne next weekend enter ghost races . Promoter Andrew Westacott stressed towards' 1116 SEN ', there is “no chance” that the season opener will be held without fans. Only on Sunday there was a big cricket tournament in Melbourne with more than 86. 000 viewers in a stadium instead. Formula 1 should also go without any restrictions. At the same time one promises the “necessary precautionary measures”.

France: Formula 1, MotoGP, Le Mans and Formula E wiggle

The government in Paris issued a decree on Sunday stating that gatherings of people and large events with more than 1. 000 viewers are now prohibited. The only exceptions are public transport and politically relevant demonstrations. If the situation does not improve quickly, a whole series of major motorsport events could be affected. First on 18. April Formula E in Paris, on 17. May the Motorcycle World Championship in Le Mans, on 30. May the 1st 000 kilometers from Le Castellet (Blancpain Persistence series), on 13 ./ 14. June the 24 hours of Le Mans as well as on 28. June the Sizable Prix of France of Formula 1 in Le Castellet.

Flying is becoming increasingly complex

The travel of Formula 1 non-public and media professionals is becoming increasingly complex in planning. Our technology expert Giorgio Piola, an Italian, is not allowed to fly to Melbourne without confirmation from the authorities. Anyone who booked Melbourne via Doha has a scenario because Qatar no longer allows flights from Italy. Numerous connections have been rebooked. Sometimes in such a way that the return flight takes place if the race has not even started; sometimes also so that journalists have to stay in the country for days without booking a hotel. Large parts of the groups from Ferrari, AlphaTauri and Pirelli are already traveling from Northern Italy towards Melbourne. The Sizable Prix of Australia seems to be going according to plan.

+++ March 8th 2020 +++

Ferrari goes to Melbourne

Ferrari makes use of a derogation that the government in Rome has given in relation to the strict ban on leaving the province of Modena, and will be leaving Melbourne for the Formula 1 season opener on Sunday. The high management around team boss Mattia Binotto is scheduled to get on the plane on Monday.

Bahrain Sizable Prix as “Ghost Race”!

With a heavy heart, the organizer in Bahrain (effectively the royal family) managed to get the Formula 1 Sizable Prix on 22. March to be held only in camera. The race weekend also takes place and will also be broadcast on TV. But without on-site spectators. That was officially announced on Sunday morning. Ticket sales had already been stopped on March 6th.

Italy is north under quarantine

Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte passed a decree on Saturday that quarantined large parts of northern Italy. A strict entry and exit ban applies to the affected areas, which is sanctioned with up to three months in prison. The provinces of Modena (Ferrari), Lombardy (Pirelli administration) and Veneto (Aprilia) are affected. As of March 8, the Formula 1 personnel AlphaTauri (Province of Ravenna) is not yet affected. International motorsport events should not be affected by the decree. Exceptions are permitted for proven professional requirements.

Motocross World Cup tournament moved to Italy

The Motocross World Championship tournament in Trento in northern Italy, which is actually planned for April 4th and 5th, has to be 18. and 19. July will be postponed. The reason for this is a decree of the Italian government in Rome, according to which major public events in the north of the country are prohibited at least until April 3.

+++ March 7 2020 +++

MotoGP start wobbles in Austin

After the races in Qatar and Thailand were canceled, the premier class should start its season on April 5 at the United States Grand Prix. The host city has now declared the “local catastrophe” because of the threat of the corona virus. A decision on the Sizable Prix should be made by 15. March fall.

+++ March 6 2020 +++

FIA founds corona crisis group

The FIA ​​has responded to the growing threat of the corona virus and created a crisis group. This will now meet every two days to discuss the latest developments.

Brawn: “Can't cancel everything because of Corona”

Many are wondering how many Formula 1 races will still go to China. But Ross Brawn doesn't just want to cancel everything out of caution: “We mustn't take unnecessary risks, but we can't just shut everything down completely,” he says. If the world shut down their bulkheads, it would have an even greater impact than the virus itself. It assumes that the first three races will take place as planned.

Formula E: Rome also postponed

After Sanya's failure, Rome's ePrix has also been postponed indefinitely. “It is no longer possible to use the ePrix on April 4th 2020 “, says Formula E. Other alternative dates are being sought, while other races of the championship are also threatened.

Bahrain stops ticket sales

The organizers of the Formula 1 race in Bahrain have stopped selling tickets. The scenario should first be checked carefully before further tickets are sold. The audience capacity may even be reduced, then ticket holders would get their money back.

+++ March 5 2020 + ++

DTM check without spectators

After the decision to move the last check before the start of the season from Monza to Hockenheim, the DTM umbrella company ITR announced from 16. to 19. March to be closed to the public.

24 h series postpones opening race

The 24 h long-distance series has modified their racing calendar. The 12 hours from Monza in Italy are not as planned on 27. and 28. March, but on the catch-up date 10. and 11 . July 2020 as the fourth season stop. On the original kick-off date, Estoril in Portugal is to host the first racing event of the series.

ACO: Le Mans takes place

According to the Automobile Club de l'Ouest (ACO), there is currently no reason to stop the legendary 24 hours of Le Mans to doubt. “Our calendar remains unchanged,” says the organizer of the long-distance classic. “We are confident that the 24 hours as planned on 13. and 14. June will be driven. “

Australia tightened entry requirements

The Australian government has tightened entry requirements. Who 14 days before his planned entry to Australia from China, Iran or South Korea is not allowed into the country. For travelers from Italy, a survey is now mandatory immediately after arrival, combined with a temperature measurement.

Formula 1 start is “ready to go”

Andrew Westacott, head of the Australian Sizable Prix Commission, reports: “Everything is ready for next week.” Say: As of now, the Formula 1 season opener will take place in Melbourne as planned.

MotoGP presents modified calendar

The Motorcycle World Championship has published a revised calendar. After the cancellation of the opening race in Qatar for the premier class MotoGP and the postponement of the Sizable Prix of Thailand, the MotoGP season 2020 will now be opened on April 5th in the USA. Thailand will have an appointment for all World Cup classes in October.

+++ March 4 2020 +++

RTL does without further on-site races

The Cologne-based private broadcaster had already announced that it would broadcast the Vietnam race from a home studio. More races are now to follow: RTL will not send any employees to Australia and Bahrain either. The British Sky Personnel is different: That will continue to report on the route. The commentators from Sky Deutschland are never on site anyway.

No WTCR- Check in Motorland Aragon

The World Touring Car Cup WTCR canceled its check before the season in Aragon. Actually, the cars should be from 24. to 26. March in Spain. A replacement test before the start of the season in Hungary should be announced shortly.

+++ March 3 2020 +++

Brawn: No Formula 1 race without Ferrari

Formula 1 sports director Ross Brawn makes it clear that the Grands Prix in Australia, Bahrain and Vietnam will only take place with all groups, including Ferrari: “If a person is denied entry into a country, then we cannot drive a race. No Formula 1 World Championship race, anywhere, because that would be unfair, “emphasizes the Briton.

Ferrari moves Pirelli -Check

On March 5, Ferrari would have the new 18 -Inch wheels for the season 2021 should test for the second time, but due to the corona virus the check in Italy was postponed. The check will be rescheduled in Fiorano as soon as possible.

Vietnam tightened entry requirements

From now on, travelers from China, South Korea, Italy and Iran will only be admitted to the country if they a) make a statement about their state of health and b) get into a 14 – quarantine for one day. Bahrain is also concerned and instructs the groups to inform themselves about their employees.

Qatar: Also Superbike World Cup is canceled

After the MotoGP World Championships, the Superbike World Championships also hit in Qatar. The second season station from 13. to 15. March 2020 on the Losail Circuit will be deleted. There will probably not be a replacement date due to planned renovation measures.

MotoGP is working on calendar conversion

MotoGP promoter Dorna Sports is working to find a replacement date for the Sizable Prix of Thailand in Buriram. The race could now be postponed to the fall and take over the Aragon date on October 4th. At the same time, they want to pull Aragon forward by a week or two so that Spain can drive directly to Misano (Italy).

+++ March 2 2020 +++

Moto2 / 3: New schedule for Qatar

Because the MotoGP class does not drive in Doha, there is a new schedule: So is the Moto3 race for 16: 20 local time scheduled. Moto2 takes over the start time of MotoGP and goes 18: 00 local time on the route.

MotoGP- Tournament in Buriram will be postponed

After the cancellation of the MotoGP season opener in Qatar, the Sizable Prix of Thailand will not take place as planned. “I am not saying that it will be canceled. It will be postponed until it can be carried out,” announced Anutin Charnvirakul, Minister of Health of Thailand. When the race will be rescheduled is open.

The start of the Astronomical Components falls out

The first race of the Japanese astronomical components in Suzuka is canceled for the time being. Like the Japanese Superbike series, the formula racing series should have started in Suzuka on April 5. The launch of the new Astronomical Taikyu series is also affected: This would have been on 21. and 22. March should start in Suzuka.

+++ March 1 2020 +++

Motorcycle World Championship 2020 starts without MotoGP

At the Sizable Prix in Qatar on March 8th only the Moto2 and Moto3 classes will drive. The background is the travel restrictions for passengers from Italy. In Italy, where the corona virus is already spreading, six of the eleven MotoGP groups are located: Ducati, Suzuki, Yamaha, Gresini-Aprilia, LCR-Honda and Pramac-Ducati.

Further entries until 29. February 2020 can be found in our archive for the Corona ticker.

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