Despite the renovation: Verstappen happy about the Passe-School character in Zandvoort


( – Two steep turns, more asphalt surface and also minor changes to the route: For a Formula 1 race a year 2020, a lot of work was done on the Circuit Park Zandvoort course. Max Verstappen has already been able to test the converted course and the Dutchman is pleased that the route has retained its Passe-School charm.


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This is what the steep curve at Circuit Park Zandvoort looks like Zoom Rep

20 For years people drove on the well-known Structure on the North Sea coast between dunes. In addition to the DTM, many other top-class racing series were regular guests in Zandvoort. However, the premier class has stricter requirements, which is why the course had to be rebuilt.

In addition, the new structure should help enable overtaking maneuvers in the race. The steep curve in front of the Commence-finish straight is the most serious change for the season 2020.

In one Verstappen has already tested the course on older Red Bull cars. The steep curves in curves 3 and 14 offer drivers the opportunity to use several lines and to overtake competitors – see above at least the idea. According to Verstappen, it is “incredible” to drive through these curves.

Onboard: Max Verstappen opens Zandvoort 2.0

A lap on the two-curve race track in Zandvoort with Red Bull driver Max Verstappen! More Formula 1 movies

“It just looks great,” says the Dutchman, who is on his home race in the Netherlands happy if it takes place . “You did a great job renovating the track. It's a lot of fun driving a V8 car on the course. It will certainly get even better with the new vehicles.”

Since there were only a few changes, the course in Zandvoort retains its curved character, which offers few opportunities for overtaking attempts. Verstappen does not see this as Peril, precisely because he likes routes with a Passe-School character. He believes that drivers' mistakes are immediately punished severely.

“It's like Monaco or Suzuka. These are passe-school routes that don't offer a lot of space,” he says the Red Bull pilot. “There will be no problems, I even like it. It is better than having asphalt everywhere. In this tumble you can only get far if you make a mistake. Of course, it depends on whether we have the opportunity overtake. “

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