Ex-Formula 1 driver: Carlos Sainz deserves the hype about his particular person


(Motorsport-Complete.com) – Spaniard Jaime Alguersuari praises his compatriot Carlos Sainz, who enjoys a high reputation in Formula 1. According to the ex-Formula 1 driver, the McLaren driver is one of the best drivers in the field, which is why he is rightly associated with top cockpits in the premier class.

Carlos Sainz


Carlos Sainz is valued for his skill in the paddock Zoom Download

Today 30 – year-old says to ' Marca ': “If he has a car to keep up with the front, he will collect a lot of points and be on the podium often, but it is not a question of quality, abilities or commitment, he has proven all of this more than once in Formula 1. He is a good driver who deserves it to be where it is today. “

Sainz is currently associated with a cockpit at Ferrari where he might be Sebastia n to replace Vettel. In his young Formula 1 career, the Spaniard started 102 267 Points collected and once stood on the podium. However, he never had the self-discipline cloth of a top team, which is why the statistics do not match the Spaniard's performance 100 – reflect in percent.

How Carlos Sainz saved his F1 career

As Carlos Sainz for 2019 signed with McLaren, it seemed to be his last choice to stay in Formula 1. But that turned out to be real More Formula 1 -Videos

Das also believes Alguersuari who from 2009 to 2015 the youngest driver in Formula 1 history warfare. Max Verstappen displaced the Spaniard with his 17 in Year 2015. Lance Stroll and Lando Norris also overtook today's 30 – year old DJ in the perpetual list of Formula 1. Alguersuari warfare only once at its first Formula 1 start 19 years and 125 days old.

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