(Motorsport-Total.com) – Christian Horner has renewed his desire for customer cars again. After the Crimson Bull team boss had previously spoken in favor of this solution in Formula 1, he emphasized in an exclusive interview with 'Motorsport-Total.com' for the series #thinkingforward: “Now is the time to be brave. ” Formula 1 should take advantage of the current situation and “grab the bull by the horns”.

Christian Horner

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Christian Horner would the old Crimson Bull Cars like to sell zoom Download

“If I were to lead a smaller team, the quickest way to be competitive with a cost-effective way would be to copy your manufacturer – modified into as soon as already happened in many cases anyway, “recalls Horner. For example, AlphaTauri procures many parts for his car from Crimson Bull, at Haas there is a close collaboration with Ferrari and at Racing Point with Mercedes.

“Why shouldn't they be just sell the complete car that we [beim Saisonfinale] had in Abu Dhabi? “says Horner, who suggests that the entire previous year’s cars should be ceded to other groups. This would give them the opportunity to concentrate fully on racing and could save a lot of money.

Horner: Monza 2008 the prime example

“You don't need the research and development facilities at all. It's the fastest way to be competitive – and the cheapest “Horner is certain. In the best case, racing victories would even be possible in this way. “We proved that with Toro Rosso and Sebastian Vettel [in Monza] when they 2008 effectively got a customer car, “he recalls.

Sebastian Vettel, Gerhard Berger

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2008 Sebastian Vettel won for Toro Rosso sensational in Monza zoom Download

In addition, Horner explains: “It works in other forms of motorsport too.” He cites the MotoGP as a prominent example, in which there are only six manufacturers but eleven groups. But in Formula 1 there was a “paranoia” about releasing the groups from their obligations to build the chassis themselves. He himself is open to this solution.

Horner also explains that the current debate about the cost cap is too much a priority. “I'm totally in favor of saving money. And the cost cap is a sensible thing,” he explains. However, the upper limit alone is not a guarantee of healthy sport. Currently some groups are trying to cover the costs up to 100 million US greenback to push down .

Experience from Ross Brawn and Co. helpful

Crimson Bull is considered an opponent of a cost ceiling that is too low. Basically, according to Horner, the groups work well together in the corona crisis. The common goal is that Formula 1 will soon be resumed “in a safe and responsible manner”. “Nothing prepares you for the anxiety that we currently have,” recalls Horner.

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“There are some team leaders who have not had such an experience so far, so I think that it is important that the sport can rely on the experience of people like Ross Brawn, “said Horner. Brawn had to weather a severe crisis before the season 2009 Honda withdrew from Formula 1 and the team was on the verge of being out.

Brawn then bought the racing team and won 2009 both World Cup titles. According to Horner, it is currently very helpful to have gone through such extreme situations before. With his many years of experience in motorsport, FIA President Jean Todt could also help to survive the current crisis reasonably well.

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