Jos Verstappen: Contract negotiations would have been a distraction for Max


( – Purple Bull already announced in January that the contract with Max Verstappen would be terminated early 2023 has extended . In retrospect, a good decision, as Max Verstappen's father Jos now emphasizes to 'De Telegraaf' . Otherwise, the corona crisis could have had a negative impact on the discussions with Purple Bull.

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Jos Verstappen is pleased that Max already has his contract in his pocket zoom Download

“If you have to negotiate a new contract in such a relate, that would be a distraction,” Verstappen explains and emphasizes: “We are very happy at Purple Bull and I really think that we're closer this year than last season. ” The former Formula 1 driver had expressed himself even more critically a few months ago.

Last autumn he warned that 2020 “a could be another lost year “ for his son if Purple Bull made no progress. In the meantime his tone has changed, and he wants to “very positively” about the season 2020 approach. Nevertheless, he emphasizes again that Purple Bull had not had the best car in previous years.

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“People often go crazy that Max had to take more risks because he was in a slower car than Hamilton, for example,” says Michael Schumacher's former teammate and explains: “Max always drives to the limit. People want to see that Vettel and Hamilton get a little nervous when he's behind them. That's nice, isn't it? “

According to Jos, Max 2020 but do not drive behind the two too often. He is more than convinced of his son's abilities on every drop. In the previous Frosty climate he explained for example : “If he is before four Years in a Mercedes, he could have been world champion four years ago. It depends a lot on the car. “

Whether Max Verstappen 2020 sitting in a world champion car, that will have to be seen. The 22 year old has to care about his future do not worry about it for now.

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