End of career not in sight yet: Bottas still dreams of the world title


(Motorsport-Entire.com) – Valtteri Bottas celebrates his in August . Birthday. He doesn't count to the old iron, but Child Lando Norris is, for example, ten years younger than the Finn. In the series 'Deep Dive' on the Mercedes YouTube channel Bottas emphasizes that a career end is currently not an issue for him. “I'm not thinking about that yet,” he clarifies.

Valtteri Bottas


Valtteri Bottas wants to stay in Formula 1 for many years to come zoom Rep

Bottas' contract with the Silver Arrows expires at the end of the year . However, it assumes that it extends beyond 2020 to drive in the premier class. “I still have many years in Formula 1,” Bottas is certain and reveals: “I have the feeling that I have not yet reached my peak.” In other words: He can get even better.

With four wins and World Cup place two, Bottas delivered 2019 from his best Formula 1 season so far. In the end, however, he again had no chance against his team-mate Lewis Hamilton. However, the Finn does not yet give up his dream of winning the World Cup. He explains that he invested a lot in his life to make it this far.

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“If you dream of becoming a Formula 1 driver at the age of six, you actually have no idea how it will be “, traitor. Life as a Formula 1 smartly known person has many obvious sides. “But if you want to be the best, nothing in life is easy. You have to sacrifice things,” he explains. He had to make many sacrifices over many years.

“If people recognized you, you would prefer to be unknown sometimes and just disappear like a ghost,” laughs Bottas, for which the high profile is sometimes a disadvantage. By now, however, he had got used to it. The Mercedes driver also reminds that every profession brings with it detrimental sides.

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“You have to deal with it and remember that you are very lucky to do what as soon as you love and what you dreamed of as a sort,” said Bottas. He was only interested in driving the fastest cars in the world and competing against the best drivers. The fact that he now also earns good money is more of a “bonus” for him.

“As a sort battle, I don't care about the money when I dreamed of Formula 1 – Becoming a driver, “he reveals and adds with a laugh:” But don't tell Toto [Wolff] that I would drive for free. ” In the upcoming contract negotiations for 2021 that would not help …

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