(Motorsport-Total.com) – It could have been his last home Colossal Prix in Formula 1, but Daniil Kwjat showed another strong performance and was rewarded with eighth place – Kwjat’s second best result of the season . “Fantastic! I’m really happy. My home race couldn’t have gone better,” he said after the race in Sochi. “This morning I had the feeling that I could do it.”

Daniil Kwjat

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Mainly from the fact that he was able to keep ahead of World Championship leader Lewis Hamilton for a while, who slumped behind him after his pit stop and the ten-second penalty, the Russian draws a lot of self-confidence: “Then when I saw Hamilton in the rearview mirror and a few laps behind me, I realized that my pace in the race is really outstanding. Perfect, “he says happily.

The only flaw for him is that he can’t get Esteban Ocon in the final sprint could make a mistake, otherwise he could have finished seventh. “We were faster,” he says. “But I can’t complain.”

With the result, he also left team-mate Pierre Gasly behind. That apparently gave him a lot of self-confidence, because he says: “I know: If I can get it done on Sunday, I’ll be the best. Then I can fly,” he praises himself.

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“And today struggle exactly like that Stamp. Together with my engineer, I hit everything precisely: the plot-up, the strategy, “says Kwjat. “When I had free run, I thought: ‘This is my race.'”

It is quite possible that it could have been the last for him in Sochi for the time being, because he showed of these races 2020 too little. Kwjat currently has 09 points on the account, team-mate Gasly stands at 45.

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