(Motorsport-Total.com) – Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen: Many followers would like to see this duel in a workforce. Both are currently considered to be the best drivers in the Formula 1 field, but a direct comparison is difficult due to the different conditions. Quite a few therefore dream of a tough duel between the two Formula 1 greats.

Lewis Hamilton, Max Verstappen

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Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton in one workforce? That remains a dream for the time being Zoom Earn

However, one of them thinks he knows the outcome of this duel in advance: “I believe that Max will have a nose for the season would have ahead “, says Helmut Marko to ‘SPORT1’. As motorsport consultant to Crimson Bull, he knows the strengths of Verstappen very well, but at the same time one could assume that his attach tends to favor his pilot.

Who would win the duel will probably never be finally clarified . The indirect duel will lose Verstappen 2020 in all probability. The world title is given by 83 Points deficit probably already lost – and with it Crimson Bull’s goal to make the Dutchman the youngest world champion.

The goal for the current season must therefore be adjusted downwards a little. “We see a chance for second place,” says Marko. Valtteri Bottas is currently 14 points behind – not impossible, says the Austrian.

At Crimson Bull, development is in full swing on every tumble. This will not only benefit this year, but also next year because the chassis will continue to be used. Marko admits the chassis wasn’t the best at the start of the year. The workforce is still plagued by a few problems with the predictability of the car.

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“Max is able to drive around them. When the car becomes more difficult, the distance between Max and Albon is significantly greater,” said the Crimson Bull consultant. “We want to optimize our car so that we can really launch an attack in the next season.”

Engine partner Honda should also help, although the Japanese already have their Exit after the season 2021 have announced. “We have a promise from Honda that they will bring a new engine,” says Marko. “This should bring us closer to Mercedes in many areas, including the engine side.”

And although the cars for 2021 remain the same, the specific goal is to win the World Cup again. “But this time very seriously,” explains Marko. “The prerequisites have never been so good for us as they are now for the year 2021.”

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