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Ferrari is currently working intensively on three fronts: in addition to continuing the development of SF 1000 and development for the season 2021, the engineers of the team from Maranello is not wasting time even with the development of the race car for the 2022 season when Scuderia wants to return to the fight for the world title. According to the Italian edition of Motorsport.com, Ferrari has already successfully passed the homologation tests of the front wing for the season 2022.

House of Maranello is working on several fronts: on the current development of the SF 1000, on the modifications of the red car for next season, which will be able to count on a completely new power unit, and especially on the design of the new Ferrari, which will be for the first time presented in 2022, when the enact of the regulatory revolution will take place in Formula 1.

Ferrari is expected to have already tested the front of the car for the year 2022, which is a sign that Scuderia does not want to waste time on a project to return the legendary Maranello team to the fight for the top places in Formula 1.

If aerodynamics for years 2022 cannot be developed until 1 January 2021, there are no design restrictions on structural parts, in Maranello However, they have invested heavily in the development of the new era car.

The first homologated solution may not necessarily be final, but it is clear that the technical staff, led by Enrico Cardile and Simone Resta, are working according to the timelines set out in the Ferrari plan, despite the limitations of the COVID-19 epidemic

In addition to Ferrari, the front part of the Renault 2022 car has already been approved by FIA.

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