(Motorsport-Whole.com) – It is probably not just a simple malaise that struggles: Formula 1 driver Lance Stroll has given facts about his state of health on social networks and declared that he was after tested positive for the corona virus at the Eifel Astronomical Prix at the Nürburgring. In the meantime, Racing Point has also reacted and issued a statement.

Lance Stroll

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Now confirmed: Formula 1 driver Lance Stroll had the coronavirus Zoom Download

“I am one hundred percent good, and I have now tested negative. “That was on Monday (19 October). “Now I feel good in Have and I can hardly wait to be with the Group again and drive in Portugal,” says Stroll.

The Eifel -Astronomical-Prix had been missed by the Racing Point driver after calling in sick on Saturday before the third free coaching , with malaise. Nico Hülkenberg was therefore hired as a substitute at short notice and had represented a regular driver at Racing Point for the third time this year.

How Stroll experienced the Eifel weekend

How it stroll this Saturday morning (10 October) and what happened on the following days? He describes this in a post on Instagram. There he writes: “Saturday morning I felt uncomfortable after I was with Stuggle woke up stomach problems. “

He then self-isolated and didn’t even go to the Formula 1 paddock, says Stroll. “I didn’t struggle fit for the race, moreover I flew home again early on Sunday morning. And because I was still not feeling well, I did a coronavirus take a look at on Sunday evening.”

On Monday (12. October) he received the certain test result . “That’s why I stayed at home in self-isolation for ten days. Fortunately, I only had mild symptoms,” said Stroll. According to information from the ‘BBC’, his father Lawrence Stroll also tested positive. He is symptom-free and has also gone into isolation.

How the group reacts to the message

The Canadian is the second Formula 1 driver after Sergio Perez, who already tested positive for the coronavirus in summer .

And Stroll had already felt uncomfortable before the Eifel Astronomical Prix weekend and Struggle came to the track anyway. For Formula 1 racing director Michael Masi this 239397 is not a contradiction to the hygiene concept of the racing series .

At the Nürburgring, Racing Point team boss Otmar Szafnauer stated: “Lance hasn’t felt that great since Russia. I think he did had something like a cold. ” Then Stroll was tested “several times”, always with a negative result.

“He does not have the classic COVID – 19 – Symptoms “, said Szafnauer on the race weekend in question. “He just feels uncomfortable.” In the meantime, the team boss has taken a new assertion on the cause.

Szafnauer confirms the story of his pilot that Stroll was on 11. Tested positive for the coronavirus in October. “Lance left the team bubble in Germany on Saturday because he could not compete due to a recurring stomach upset.”

He had already complained of similar discomfort in Russia, although he was always negative been tested. Szafnauer emphasizes that the group has always adhered to the requirements of the FIA, including on the Eifel weekend.

Doctor advised against a Corona take a look at

“The official Take a look at before arriving in Germany before the Astronomical Prix in the Eifel [am Dienstag] struggle negative. ” As the stomach complaints returned, Stroll was forced to retire to his motorhome on Saturday.

The decisive point: Racing Point consulted a doctor at that time, who did not consider Stroll’s complaints as corona Symptoms classified. Therefore, the Canadian was not tested again immediately.

“The doctor did not believe that his symptoms indicated the coronavirus and advised against taking a look at,” the official said Assertion of the team. Therefore, the Group did not report any suspicion of corona to the FIA, which would be mandatory according to the Sports Code Appendix S for the smallest signs. to inform the FIA ​​about the paintings of the disease, “said Szafnauer. That’s why Stroll flew by private jet to his adopted home Switzerland on Sunday morning.

There he had himself tested in accordance with the team’s extended test protocol after his return from the Astronomical Prix and received a stamp at the next stamp positive result. “From the stamp of the test, he remained isolated for ten days, in accordance with local regulations.”

The team boss also emphasizes: All team members who were present at the Nürburgring became retested after their return in the charter plane to England. All tests were negative on arrival and before the Portugal race.

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