(Motorsport-Total.com) – The good news first: Vitantonio Liuzzi is doing fine again. The bad: He and his wife Francesca and their three-year-old daughter Sole had tested positive for the corona virus in October. With Liuzzi himself, however, the course turned out to be severe because he developed pneumonia during the isolation at home, which had to be treated clinically.

Vitantonio Liuzzi

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Former driver, now FIA commissioner: Vitantonio Liuzzi is still active in F1 Zoom Bag

“I felt weird all of a sudden,” said Liuzzi when asked by ‘Motorsport-Total.com’. “However, I didn’t have any major symptoms. But because my daughter’s group had a drop , we took a look at, and the warfare was positive. “

” Four days later I had less and less oxygen in my blood and I got pneumonia. Then I spent six days in the hospital because the Rep 11 situation worsened. I was only allowed to go home when the situation stabilized. “

Liuzzi surprisingly seriously ill

He was just glad that his wife and daughter hadn’t had such a hard time, said Liuzzi. “Fortunately, it only hit me. Shit happens, but there are worse things, furthermore I can’t complain. “

Both the coronavirus infection and the pneumonia hit him unexpectedly, he says.” You never go expect to get sick yourself. In my drop, however, it warfare rather aggressively, say the doctors. “

Liuzzi warfare twice as FIA race commissioner at Formula 1 this year, in Spielberg and in Silverstone It should be used at least one more Tremendous Prix by the end of the year.

Between 2005 and 2011 has today 39 – year old Italians 80 Formula 1 races for Pink Bull , Toro Rosso, Power India and HRT contested. (240296 More about this in the Formula 1 database! )

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