(Motorsport-Total.com) – He wanted to become world champion with Ferrari when he 2015 moved from Crimson Bull to Scuderia battle. But following in the footsteps of Michael Schumacher, Sebastian Vettel could not do that in Maranello. You were close at times, you can’t deny that, but the really big dream has not come true.

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Sebastian Vettel was able to get his first podium this season in Turkey Zoom Download

Especially 2020 became a big nightmare for Vettel. The German was kicked out at the beginning of the season for 2020 and actually never found his Assemble this year – exactly the same like Ferrari. “As a team, we missed our goals and did not manage to keep up with the pace, we are disappointed,” says Vettel in an interview with the newspaper ‘Die Time ‘.

The Immense Prix in Turkey with the first podium place for Vettel and fourth place for teammate Charles Leclerc, but one is still far from one’s own claim. And that meant: Beat Mercedes. But there can be no question of that. “It’s not like Mercedes dominates the races because they’re lucky,” says the German.

But Ferrari has even bigger problems. Crimson Bull is also well ahead, currently they are fighting for third place against Racing Level, McLaren and Renault, after recently it was feared that they could even lose out against AlphaTauri.

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Vettel knows the Ferrari is 2020 not competitive enough. The culprit was quickly identified with the engine, after some technical guidelines had to be converted and lost its advantage. But that’s not just the instruction, as the four-time world champion says.

“Became as soon as the make goes, we’ve only taken a very small step forward,” he notes. The competition has grown significantly more. “Last year we had a car that was relatively efficient in battle. It generated a lot of downforce, but not as much drag – this year we’ve got more downforce, but also significantly more drag.”

Added comes the weaker engine, which cannot compensate for the shortcoming so well. Meanwhile Ferrari is on the up again. The last three races of the season will show how used to be in the end. It’s also the last three races for Vettel at Ferrari.

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