(Motorsport-Entire.com) – Just because he has the famous surname, Mick Schumacher’s expectations before his first Formula 1 season are very special. The son of Formula 1 record world champion Michael Schumacher has proven with his titles in Formula 2 and the Formula 3 European Championship that he has the qualifications in terms of sport.

Mick Schumacher

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Mick Schumacher will 2020 his first Formula 1 – Contest season Zoom Discover

“He worked through one championship after the other in Schumacher style and if he didn’t win them, he did it again to to really learn this focus on championships, “says ex-pilot Gerhard Berger on ‘ServusTV’, seeing great potential in German. “I believe that he already has Schumacher genes and that he will already make his way in Formula 1.”

However, like many others before, the Austrian warns against too high expectations: “In you can’t force him into Michael’s footsteps, “he says and emphasizes that Mick has to go his own way. “I believe that he will be a good racing driver. We will see how far he will actually make it in the end.” . The racing team was just penultimate in the World Cup and scored just three points. With two learners and basically the same vehicles, the task will not be easier in the coming year.

Mick Schumacher’s F1 debut: “Conflict” Surer vs. Ralf!

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Mick Schumachers F1-Debüt:

Mick Schumacher is “not a high-flyer”, our Formula 1 expert Marc Surer once said, and that upset Ralf Schumacher … 1607752159 More Formula 1 movies

Berger is keeping his fingers crossed for Schumacher – if only because of the whole fate of Papa Michael. “The suffering and misfortune that has arisen is still so deep in our bones that we say: The only thing we can really hope for Michael is that the son will follow up where Michael left off.”

He also has a high personal opinion of the junior himself: “Insanely nice guy, very decent, very polite, great guy”, says Berger.

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