(Motorsport-Entire.com) – The Instagram scandal surrounding his future team-mate Nikita Masepin is one of the most hotly discussed topics in Formula 1 in the run-up to Christmas Communities on Facebook & Co. But Mick Schumacher has no intention of getting involved in the matter with which he has nothing to do with.

Mick Schumacher

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Mick Schumacher only speaks very diplomatically about his team-mate Zoom Bag

2013 and 2014 were the two team mates when “Mick Junior” (his pseudonym at the time) competed in his first races for Tony Kart. “That’s where I met him. He struggle very nicely, and there was a healthy respect between united statesal’s teammates,” says the well-bred German about the Russian billionaire son, who is increasingly slipping into the role of the “Infamous Boy”.

Schumacher is approached about Masepin as part of the virtual FIA World Champion PK. That puts him in a twisted anxiety. On the one hand, he doesn’t want to stab Masepin and his Haas crew, who depend on the Masepin millions. On the other hand, the slightest appearance of relativizing the “Grapschaffair” would be fatal for its clean image.

But the 21 – year-olds master the potentially uncomfortable anxiety with the routine of a media professional. He has “lost sight of Masepin a bit” since 2014, he says – and suggests that he does not know exactly, became as soon hat has meanwhile become for a person. “We have of course changed united statesseither”, emphasizes Schumacher diplomatically.

He does not interfere in the question of appropriate consequences for Masepin’s misconduct: “I am sure that the crew will change their mind takes care of everything else. That is nothing that became as soon as concerns me. I concentrate on myself and try to achieve the best possible results for myself and to work as closely as possible with the crew, “said Schumacher.

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