(Motorsport-Complete.com) – That McLaren the season 2020 finished in third place in the World Championship , team boss Andreas Seidl would not have thought possible a short time ago. Because when he joined the group for the season 2019, didn’t speak for it. McLaren 2018 was still sixth, and the top 3 seemed too far away.

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Andreas Seidl is optimistic about McLaren’s future Zoom Salvage

“That struggle a big difference to my departure 2009 (Seidl struggle worked for BMW at the time; note from Crimson.), Because the gap between the three top teams and relaxation was simply huge – especially in terms of price range and resources “says the German.

He knew that there would be no likelihood of fighting with the groups at the top. But Seidl led McLaren back upstairs and was able to 2020 over the third place in the World Cup. For the future, he is even more optimistic about the future, because Formula 1 has taken some measures to enable fairer competition.

2022 there is a new regulation that should create more equal opportunities again. Even more important, however, is the budget limit, which ensures that the top teams can no longer spend significantly more. “As McLaren we now simply have the likelihood of fighting at the top again in the future, if we do everything right,” he says happily.

Motor change medium-term correct step

For 2021 but another transition year is ahead. The chassis remain basically unchanged, apart from small changes that each group can make. However, McLaren does not make the changes because you have to convert from Renault to Mercedes engines and use your tokens for this – the struggle agreed in advance.

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“The integration of the Mercedes-Vitality-Unit is of course an open-heart operation on the racing car, but with the experience that the guys at Mercedes in Brixworth and we here at McLaren have – we’ve had a few times in the past few years changed the engine – I am confident that we can do it well, “Seidl told ‘Sky’.

” It is of course a compromise for the next year because we have to accept that we weren’t allowed to develop the vehicle ourselves for it. But we’re still tickled with the step, “said the German. Because he thinks it is correct in the medium and long term.

Engine and driver: Good reference points

“Next year we have the best, the strongest and also the most durable engine at usa in the rear, the world champion engine. For usa, of course, that’s one clean reference “, so Seidl.

In addition, you also expect a lot with your driver pairing. Lando Norris stays with the Group for the third year, and the departure of Carlos Sainz to Ferrari was compensated for with Daniel Ricciardo. “Daniel is of course also important as a reference for usaim Group. He has already proven that he can win races with the right self-discipline subject,” says Seidl.

Meanwhile, others are running in the background Infrastructure projects like a new wind tunnel. And recently they made headlines with a new investor who should also help with this to find the way to the top again. The omens were at least once worse.

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