(Share One): Franz TOST (AlphaTauri), Laurent MEKIES (Ferrari), Otmar SZAFNAUER (Aston Martin)

(Share Two): Frédéric VASSEUR (Alfa Romeo) Guenther STEINER (Haas), Jost CAPITO (Williams)




Q: Franz, can we roll it abet to the last couple of races. Every Monza and Sochi, complicated ones for the crew. What are your targets for this weekend in Turkey?

Franz TOST: Now to not repeat the last two races, due to Monza and Sochi became if truth be told a nightmare. We did not ranking any points, too many mistakes and mess ups on the automobile, retirements etc. And I hope that right here in Istanbul we come abet to ranking points.


Q: The car in Sochi in particular regarded if truth be told competitive. What lessons hang been realized from that flee weekend?

FT: Sochi became a complicated flee, as you all know, a bathe came and we made up our minds with Pierre to forestall out – nonetheless this became an absolutely detrimental resolution, as all americans knows now and you realize, if rain is coming it’s consistently complicated to estimate how powerful water will come down and we concept after the considerable bathe this will stop. Therefore we made up our minds to forestall out with Pierre. It became a detrimental resolution, must hang called him in, must hang placed on the Intermediates earlier, after which I comprise he would hang been in the next location to ranking points.


Q: So if you’ve had a complicated moment treasure that and you’ve rolled the cube and it doesn’t work, how does that impact your thinking going forwards?

FT: To start with, we are sitting collectively, we are analysing what we did detrimental, what now we would like to enact better in due direction. We had a pair of meetings from the operational aspect to toughen the work on the note, especially for the length of the flee if such prerequisites are coming up there – and I hope the choices we made are obvious, if in the second half of the season we are coming all over again in this sort of field, to be better positioned and form the comely choices.


Q: Would you roll the cube again?

FT: That is dependent. On the one hand, rush, due to if you don’t menace the leisure, then it’s complicated to rob. Nevertheless you might per chance perhaps well also hang two autos and presumably you might per chance perhaps well split the autos. Shall we hang, to illustrate, placed on the Intermediates on Yuki’s car in possibility to the dry tyres due to, as I mentioned earlier than, we through this will stop, the rain, and ensuing from this truth we placed on the Comfortable tyres – nonetheless as all americans knows now, this became a detrimental resolution. We must hang placed on the Intermediate tyres. Within the long journey, if one car is mute out with the dry tyres, we instruct OK, nonetheless then we stride to a protected car with the second car and placed on the Intermediates. There had been a pair of other points and issues which we mentioned and I hope that we are if truth be told settled for prerequisites in due direction.


Q: Laurent, to start with, what are grip ranges treasure spherical the note right here in Istanbul?

Laurent MEKIES: For rush, the grip level became surprisingly high this morning. I do know there became reasonably about a questions after the last flee, we had been all very an excellent deal surprised last yr with the low level of grip which we knew became the end result of the very late resurfacing of the note. Nevertheless I must instruct successfully finished to all americans fervent due to it appears to be abet to fresh right here. So, I comprise the total drivers hang enjoyed a magnificent increased grip level when in contrast with last yr. We’ll peep how this will evolve for the length of the weekend nonetheless absolutely we are in a magnificent better situation than last yr. So, successfully finished to you guys, the FDA, and all americans else that has been fervent.


Q: Carry out we discuss power devices now? The new one has finished a flee distance with Charles in Sochi. What did you analysis it there?

LM: The key target of this new hybrid procedure for us became to stay awake for about a of the work we are doing for next yr. So we had been making an strive to validate the direction of development now we hang been taking on the PU development for next yr. We fitted it on Charles’, it labored in a extraordinarily serene manner throughout the weekend, which became the considerable purpose. Efficiency-wise it became never going to be a game-changer – nothing is in the intervening time, it’s shrimp steps – nonetheless it undoubtedly became a step in the comely direction and we are pushing ahead with Carlos this weekend.


Q: As you instruct, Carlos is taking it. Of the closing races, is this the optimal note to enact that and to rob the grid-situation hit?

LM: I comprise if you inquire of of your blueprint other folks when is the optimal time to enact it, they are able to consistently wish to enact it as early as that you just might per chance perhaps well factor in due to you’ll need to rob the penalty after which revel in the loyal thing about the new PU for as many races as that you just might per chance perhaps well factor in. The short solution is, if you might per chance perhaps well also hang made up our minds to enact it, you’ll need to enact it as early as that you just might per chance perhaps well factor in as you are loyal to enact so. That’s what now we hang been doing, moderately powerful. We hang now finished it reasonably successfully in near, when in contrast with our initial notion, with Charles last week and now we enact Carlos.


Q: Otmar, to start with, let’s discuss about some big memories from Turkey last yr. Of direction, Lance on pole, Checo ending second for Racing Level. Carry out these memories give the crew a comprise coming into the weekend?

Otmar SZAFNAUER: Yeah. Final yr became vastly loads of, if you keep in mind the very moist prerequisites and intensely slippery note. I comprise this might per chance perhaps per chance presumably moreover be loads of this yr. The memories are mute with us and what might per chance perhaps presumably hang been had Lance not had his strake web caught between the other strakes, which supposed his entrance fly wasn’t working – due to I keep in mind he had a big lead. Nevertheless mute, big for the crew last yr nonetheless I comprise this might per chance perhaps per chance presumably moreover be loads of this yr, in conjunction with the weather.


Q: While we’re on the topic of drivers, your guys hang tripped over one but every other on the last couple of races, namely in Sochi. Personal you felt the wish to web fervent yourself?

OSNo. They spoke about it after and I became there and Lance became apologetic. He didn’t peep Seb coming spherical him and profitable moved over to rob the nook and Seb took situation to be there, so yeah, there’s not any such thing as a necessity, they’re completely beautiful.


Q: Final one from me Otmar. Martin Whitmarsh started on the crew last Friday, first of October. How is his arrival on the crew impacting you?

OS: Martin arrived on Friday so it’s most advantageous been a pair of days that he’s been there earlier than I left to come right here. He’s attending to perceive the crew and about a of the other strategic issues that he became employed to enact, as we’re marching our manner down getting these items finished. There’s loads going on on the crew and we welcome Martin. He can also lend a hand on the side of his abilities. We’re building a new manufacturing facility now, we’re building a new wind tunnel, to illustrate, and there’s loads going on abet at heinous, even as soon as we’re out racing, so it’s fine to hang his abilities.


Q: You employ the be aware ‘strategic’. Is that his honest? Is he more of a strategic thinker? Is he going to be coming to the total races?

OS: He’s neighborhood CEO which by mere definition capability you might per chance perhaps well also hang a much bigger honest and a magnificent wider roll. He’ll be coming to about a races. I comprise he’ll be coming to Austin after which presumably one more flee this yr after which about a next yr.




Q: (Dieter Rencken – Racing Lines) To all three, as a ways as the championship is anxious we’re heading in direction of the last quarter. Who would you tip as World Champion for this yr, having checked out the past races?

FT: Individually, I hope Max Verstappen will be, clearly.

LM: It be complicated to pronounce. It’s a large fight. It’s after, whatever, 15 races or more, they’re two or three points apart. It’s big to peep. Looking from the aspect, it sounds as if we are able to peep reasonably more budge in the most in style races with Max nonetheless I’m determined it’s going to be a extraordinarily tricky fight till the last flee.

OS: Very complicated to foretell, profitable due to they’re so stop, they’re two big drivers combating for a World Championship that’s very treasured. Laborious to pronounce: Lewis is terribly experienced. He knows rob World Championships. Max is terribly like a flash, so let’s gaze and peep. We most advantageous hang a quarter left and we’ll know.


Q: Are you going to present us a identify?

OS: No – due to I’m able to’t! If I instruct one, I’ll potentially be detrimental!


Q: (Julien Billiotte – AutoHebdo) Search data from to Franz please. Franz, enact you’re thinking that there is a sense of regret from Honda for presumably deciding to stride away Formula 1 too soon? Since the day earlier than on the present time there hang been more shrimp print about the long journey cooperation between Red Bull Powertrains and Honda. It practically felt treasure they wished they continued with you guys successfully.

FT: I’m able to’t discuss in the identify of the management and of the board from Honda. Nevertheless, as you realize, the massive manufacturers, there are some other folks, some managers who had been tickled to enact Formula 1 and others that narrate the company ought to stride in one other direction. Honda has made up our minds to exit from Formula 1 and nonetheless there is a stop cooperation with Honda and Red Bull Expertise in due direction. Whether then Honda will come abet, I don’t know. Currently, they’ve made up our minds to forestall on the cease of this yr and can provide us and Red Bull Racing with engines in 2022 and from 2023 the engines will be designed and constructed by Red Bull Powertrain Expertise Neighborhood and the leisure we are able to peep.


Q: (Louis Dekker – NOS.NL – by job of electronic mail) To all three of you, on the topic of tear races, what did you guys mediate the events at Silverstone and Monza and, going forwards, where would you treasure to peep two races in one weekend?

OS: I comprise we’ve purchased one other one coming up in Brazil and thereafter we are able to hang viewed three loads of tracks and form a resolution on the long journey. Whether the abet on a Friday outweighs about a of the traditions that we on the total hang on Saturday. I comprise also it’s most advantageous comely that we listen to the followers. Maybe enact reasonably of a fan survey to price if the followers every on the circuit and at dwelling gazing TV, which they blueprint stop. I comprise we ought to listen to the followers and, if it’s more successfully liked by them, then we ought to enact more of them.


Q: Otmar, your ideas on Silverstone and Monza?

OS: I comprise they had been loads of. Silverstone to me became reasonably better nonetheless that’s the considerable time we did that. I comprise on Saturday, there isn’t as powerful overtaking as we’d hope. I comprise other folks profitable resolve in and that’s what you cease up with. So, let’s peep what happens in Brazil after which having a backwards take a look at at every little thing and peep if we’re going to enact it in due direction.


Q: Laurent?

LM: Identical thinking right here. I comprise Silverstone and Monza went very successfully from this new racing structure. I comprise it build all of us on reasonably reasonably of a more intense programme on a Friday and optimistically it hang been purchased successfully by the followers on the note or in the abet of the TV, so I comprise it’s exact to hang a more thrilling Friday, then Saturday, Sunday. Certain, as Otmar mentioned, you practically absolutely wish to hang reasonably more overtaking nonetheless I comprise altogether it produces a extraordinarily intense weekend and it’s potentially – optimistically – what the followers wish to peep.


Q: Are there any tracks that might per chance perhaps presumably swimsuit the structure namely successfully?

LM: I bet the considerable issues we are cautious with is to enact it on a note where you absolutely hang first rate overtaking potentialities – in every other case it potentially, a cramped bit bit, defeats the cause. Nevertheless again, we’ll peep in Brazil. Within the occasion you enact it on three very loads of tracks treasure Silverstone, Monza and Brazil it capability you might per chance perhaps moreover be reasonably confident that you just might per chance perhaps well extend it extra to about a more races next yr.


Q: Franz?

FT: I comprise that Silverstone and Monza showed that this new structure labored reasonably successfully. I comprise for the followers it’s one thing exact due to they’ve Friday, Saturday and Sunday highlights: Friday with the qualifying, Saturday with the tear qualifying and Sunday with the flee. Of direction, we expected presumably a cramped bit bit more overtaking manoeuvres nonetheless we ought to note out next yr with a new law and presumably this will substitute completely. I comprise that this structure is obvious and I also inquire of of some races will be added to this structure. Potentially the most advantageous adversarial I peep is for inexperienced persons due to they’ve most advantageous one free note session after which they stride already into the qualifying. Right here’s not an effortless one nonetheless, nonetheless, as Otmar mentioned, now we would like to wait now at São Paulo. Right here’s the third flee weekend where now we hang this structure, after which inquire of of the followers how they peep it, after which narrate what we enact in 2022.


Q: (Luke Smith – Autosport) Search data from for all three of you. We’re ready for to web the F1 calendar for next yr in the very reach future and it’s going to hang 23 races, a myth-breaking season – nonetheless it undoubtedly’s also striking reasonably about a strain on the total personnel working in the paddock. I profitable wanted to perceive from all three of you ways considerable is it to test after the wellbeing and psychological successfully being of your workers with this sort of enormous calendar – and what roughly processes or protocols are in situation enact you guys hang, namely from a psychological successfully being standpoint.

FT: We know now that now we hang 23 races. It’s obliging, exact job from FOM, I am taking a spy ahead to it. Relating to the other folks on the note. To start with, we are a flee crew. All of them needs to be tickled that now we hang as many races as that you just might per chance perhaps well factor in and, of direction, we rob care of the other folks, to illustrate the mechanics after a flee weekend they’ve three days, four days off where they are able to forestall at dwelling. And likewise, press, marketing, the total other folks which might per chance per chance per chance presumably be on the flee note hang some free days after the flee weekend. Engineers it’s a cramped bit bit more complicated nonetheless also, if I keep in mind abet in stale cases, they had to stride after a flee weekend to checks which implies that as well they had to work there. I comprise we all needs to be tickled that we are ready to be in Formula 1 and to hang 23 races. And if any individual doesn’t treasure it, then he ought to stride.

LM: Yeah 23 races is, I comprise, going to be a large calendar. To acknowledge to your questions, rush, we are building season after season a programme for the flee crew, you realize, to forestall in the righteous situation that you just might per chance perhaps well factor in and rush, you add item after item, so you originate from the physical aspect after which you stride into the nutritional aspect after which sooner or later we are also taking a spy on the psychological facets as you instruct to make certain that that folk hang an steady balance and stop in exact form and stop in exact spirits. So I comprise the total groups are going to inevitably use increasingly more energy on making an strive to preserve their other folks in exact form for these long calendars nonetheless it undoubtedly is one thing that’s terribly successfully embraced by all fervent. I’m determined there’ll be extra steps in the comely direction.

OS: Well, now we hang been taking a spy at this for reasonably a whereas, brilliant that this became going to happen. I trust Franz: it’s fine that now we hang 23 countries or 23 races that desire us to come and compete and showcase Formula 1. Alternatively, we enact wish to keep in mind of the total these that lag – the mechanics and the engineers – and now we hang build operations in situation every abet on the manufacturing facility and on the flee note to form the lag as tickled as that you just might per chance perhaps well factor in for them, in conjunction with sometime rotating other folks and a few other organizational adjustments abet on the manufacturing facility such that the manufacturing facility will enact more of the jobs that mechanics historically did on the note to profitable form it a cramped bit bit more nice for them. Yeah, we take a look at after them, in conjunction with any psychological successfully being points. We hang now a travelling doctor as successfully with us. We take a look at after them as easiest we are able to.


Q; (Scott Mitchell – The Speed) To all three, along a similar lines, namely about the presence of triple-headers on the calendar. The key time F1 did a triple-header moderately powerful all americans by the cease of it felt that it became too powerful and the groups had even indicated that they had been given assurances that it wouldn’t happen again, so on your notion why are triple-headers now abet and reputedly a permanent fixture on the calendar? Is there one thing loads of about them now that makes them more uncomplicated for groups to tackle?

OS: Well, the considerable time you enact a triple-header it’s all new after which from there on you learn and you enact some issues to form the triple-headers more uncomplicated. Alternatively, they mute are very taxing on all of us. We hang now two of them next yr and optimistically after the pandemic is truly in the abet of us we are able to test on the calendar and minimise or even web rid of the total triple-headers. The profitable thing next yr is that we launch mid-March and stop mid-November, which affords us a first rate winter atomize. You might per chance perhaps well presumably build up with a triple-header or two if you realize you are not racing up till Christmas.

LM: I comprise Otmar explained it very successfully. I comprise it’s miles evident it’s miles terribly not easy for Formula 1 to build a large calendar collectively in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic. So in that context we obviously price that there needs to be a level of flexibility from the groups which is why we profitable wish to address these triple headers now after which as soon as, optimistically, the pandemic is out of the style we are able to take a seat down down down again and peep stride ahead as it’s potentially the aspect that’s the most taxing for the flee crew. Hopefully this might per chance perhaps per chance presumably moreover be the considerable thing that can stride away as soon as the pandemic is out of the radar.

FT: The key triple-header is the easy one – Zandvoort, Spa and Monza. I don’t narrate there’s any mission. The second with Russia, Singapore and Japan is a cramped bit bit more a heavy one nonetheless I comprise from the logistics aspect every little thing is below control, we are then nearly in the a similar time zone so I don’t inquire of of any complications.


Q: (Dieter Rencken – Racing Lines) Accurate two questions essentially based fully on outdated answers. The key one is, all three of your mentioned that one would want to test the Flee Speed theory after the three races, presumably even some fan questions. Alternatively, Stefano Domenicali this week mentioned on Sky that there might per chance perhaps well presumably be ready to be as much as seven. So is he being premature? Carry out you part his optimism or how enact you peep it, namely given the truth there has purchased to be a substitute in the wearing regulations with unanimous agreement,. And then the second query is on the triple headers. Will the new weekend structure for next yr form it more uncomplicated to gather these triple headers?

FT: Flee Races: if FOM and Stefano Domenicali wish to hang seven Flee Races and if after this yr we peep that the followers and the total other folks spherical are all obvious for this Flee Qualifying and for this new structure then I enhance it, due to I comprise it’s an steady advice. As I mentioned earlier than there are most advantageous three days of highlights and this is what followers wish to peep. I don’t peep it as a large difference whether or not there is a triple-header, to illustrate in Zandvoort, Spa or Monza, and likewise for the second triple-header. Of direction we ought to note out referring to the topic matter we presumably need, as a Flee Qualifying is a increased menace to the topic matter of the automobile, nonetheless nonetheless if all americans knows it now, early enough, then the groups might per chance perhaps presumably moreover be willing for this and now we would like to optimise every little thing from the operational aspect to web every little thing in situation. Therefore I don’t inquire of of that this is complicated.  


Q: Laurent?

LM: On the Flee Speed, I comprise as you peep on the present time, as you might per chance perhaps well also hang viewed over and over, the initial ideas is terribly exact from all americans, so we already had many loops of debate with the FIA and with Formula 1 in the loads of groups. We engage with them and gave ideas, so I comprise it’s miles to be expected that Stefano, in the case you mentioned, is planning more. What we instruct to at least one but every other, nonetheless, is that we will stay awake for the third to test if we would favor to adjust the structure, to presumably adjust about a of the parts essentially based fully on what the followers’ ideas will be and what we are able to narrate, nonetheless I comprise in substantial terms we are already agreed that it’s miles a obvious step for the game so will we potentially all inquire of of already to hang about a more of them next yr.


Q: Otmar?

OS: Yeah, I comprise very akin to what became mentioned already. I’m determined Stefano has some more fan data as successfully, so he’s potentially mentioned it due to it became obvious and the followers enjoyed it, Love Franz says you might per chance perhaps well also hang one thing on all three days. Nevertheless we ought to mute enact the third one and treasure I mentioned, hang a backwards take a look at the least bit three of them and presumably even form some adjustments so that it can better next yr after which narrate what number of.


Q (Andrea Cremonesi – Gazzetta dello Sport) Laurent, referring to your power unit. How powerful of this power unit will transfer to 2022 and enact you’re thinking that that the hybrid element now has the a similar power ass Mercedes and Honda?

LM: Firstly, rush, what we peep on this yr’s car, what now we hang profitable offered is a step that we will rob to 2022, so that’s the solution of the considerable segment of the query. By manner of competitiveness prognosis in opposition to the other manufacturers, it’s early days. Easiest one flee weekend and obviously we are able to anyway wish to wait till next yr to peep what’s going to be there on step earlier than we assess whether or not or not now we hang finished the preserve-up work or whether or not there’s mute work to enact to be on the a similar level.


Q: (Ian Parkes – Recent York Times) To all three, one other calendar query. I became wondering why when now we hang purchased a myth-breaking season next yr, 23 races crammed into 18 months (sic) despite the longer atomize that follows in the winter, why more strain wasn’t introduced to hang from the groups to form determined that that that races had been geographically positioned better. We mute hang Canada-Azerbaijan after which we’ve purchased the ridiculous triple-header of Russia, Singapore, Japan? For rush the groups must hang asked for races to be better geographically positioned?

OS: We hang now asked nonetheless there’s loads that goes into doing the calendar and it’s not profitable as straightforward as making an strive to write them down in a more helpful geographical verbalize. Stefano and his crew enact the righteous they are able to, with reasonably about a inputs. For the time being one of many large inputs is mute ensuing from COVID and about a of the concerns there. I comprise about a of the areas we are going to had been driven by some countries searching to be afterward in the calendar, hoping that COVID would be past us. So if you might per chance perhaps well also hang these sorts of constraints, I comprise they’ve finished the righteous as well they are able to with the constraints that now we hang on the present time and optimistically these constraints acquired’t be the a similar in due direction and we are able to enact the next job.

LM: I comprise it’s a time for us to repeat flexibility in the context of the difficulties to build this sort of calendar with the COVID and nonetheless I’m determined we are able to sitting down all collectively as soon as this is out nonetheless all americans knows they’re making an strive to enact their easiest with the constraints they’ve.

FT: To originate the calendar is absolutely a complicated topic. It’s not most advantageous referring to to the geographical aspect, to the logistics. It’s miles dependent on the loads of countries, they produce other events over there where you might per chance perhaps well’t come then with a Formula 1 match, or holidays or other issues that wish to be regarded as. Therefore, it’s miles pretty complicated to form this sort of calendar and I comprise that Stefano and FOM hang optimized every little thing in the righteous that you just might per chance perhaps well factor in manner.


 Frédéric VASSEUR (Alfa Romeo) Guenther STEINER (Haas), Jost CAPITO (Williams)

Q: Fred, first up, more points for Kimi in Russia. Accurate how powerful of a shot in the arm became that for the crew?

Frédéric VASSEUR: I comprise it became an steady couple of laps for the crew nonetheless I comprise we had tricky events earlier than. We did an steady quali in Zandvoort and Monza nonetheless we had been not ready to ranking points. It became a shame, nonetheless in Sochi we executed it. Now now we hang mute seven or eight events to stride and pretty about a opportunities to ranking points and we are mute pushing. 

Q: Well, seven or eight events to stride, you’re now 16 points off Williams, are they catchable?

Jost CAPITO: (Laughing) Of direction.

FV: Of direction.  

Q: Fred, how realistic is that?

FV: It’s tricky nonetheless for determined if you peep the topic on the second segment of the grid you might per chance perhaps well also wish to hang a chaotic match to ranking exact points. The reliability of the autos is mega now and if all americans finishes the flee it’s complicated to ranking points nonetheless you realize completely also that for the length of the season two or three cases you might per chance perhaps well presumably hang a chaotic match, as we had in Budapest to illustrate, and now we would like to be there this weekend. Let’s peep what might per chance perhaps well happen.

Q: So you’ll desire a chaotic flee right here?

FV: So long as it’s not chaotic for us, rush.

Q: Carry out we discuss drivers? You mentioned about a races abet that you just had been going to form a resolution about Valtteri Bottas’ crew-mate for 2022 in September. We are if truth be told successfully into October. What’s the most in style, please?

FV: I didn’t instruct which yr of September, first! Severely, we’re not in a urge to rob a resolution. We hang now a pair of alternate suggestions on the table and now we would like to rob time to narrate nonetheless we’re not in a urge. The topic acquired’t substitute over the next couple of days and we are able to rob a resolution soon.

Q: What is keeping the resolution up?

FV: Due to the we are discussing with the total events fervent and it’s not an effortless possibility. We are at the delivery of the new law. It’s a new lag for the F1 and now we would like to build in mind the total points.  It might per chance perhaps per chance well form sense for us to hang a spy on the last events of the F2, Monza and Sochi. OK, now the topic is treasure this and we are able to rob a resolution in the next couple of weeks most, potentially.

Q: Guenther, neither of your drivers has raced right here in Turkey earlier than. What are their first impressions of the note?

Guenther STEINER: I comprise it’s profitable one other new note for them, nothing too thrilling for them. I suggest, nothing more thrilling than every other note, due to there are a form of they haven’t raced on. They haven’t raced on any of the tracks in an F1 car anyway. So, I comprise they reasonably treasure it. They don’t treasure the automobile too powerful, there’s reasonably about a understeer now we hang purchased in FP1, nonetheless in every other case I comprise they’re moderately tickled with the note and every little thing that’s going on right here.

Q: You’ve got made no secret this season that 2021 has been all about the 2022 car by manner of development co are you able to give us an update on how that mission is approaching?

GS: And I wasn’t detrimental with that prediction, no? Yeah, the ’22 car’s development goes successfully. We are making progress every wind tunnel session. It’s take a look at a cramped bit bit treasure ’15 or ’16 to me, nonetheless to pronounce how exact we are, I hang not any opinion, due to I don’t know how exact the other 9 groups are. Nevertheless as a crew we work now again treasure we did in ’15, ’16 and ’17, the technical crew in Italy, and I’m cautiously optimistic that we will be in the midfield again next yr.

Q: And are there every other facets of the crew that you just might per chance perhaps well also wish to plan and bolster earlier than next yr as successfully?

GS: I comprise there are consistently… You might per chance perhaps well bolster every little thing, consistently. You might per chance perhaps well presumably consistently enact better nonetheless I comprise the other facets of the crew they’re in exact form I would instruct, the flee crew is in exact form and there’ll be no big adjustments there, due to they profitable took time this yr to web them willing for next yr as successfully. There might per chance be nothing big coming in every other case. I comprise we are able to be willing. There are mute reasonably about a other folks from 2018 as soon as we finished fifth in the championship, so these other folks are mute exact and they haven’t forgotten enact this. I rely on these other folks and I am confident they are able to pull it off again, that now we hang exact end result, presumably not fifth nonetheless no not as much as being abet in the midfield treasure had been in ’16 and ’17.

Q: Jost, coming to you; one other exact weekend for the crew in Russia. Are you on the point where you’re thinking that this car might per chance perhaps presumably moreover be competitive all around the put, for the remainder of the season?

Jost CAPITO: That’s very complicated to pronounce. It became if truth be told unpredictable so a ways in the season, as soon as we went to tracks where we concept we’re not competitive, now we hang been more competitive than we concept, not if truth be told extremely competitive and it became the wrong manner spherical as successfully, so we’ll peep and we’ll take a look at at every flee one after the other and we’ll enact the righteous at every flee weekend.

Q: Now you’ve purchased seven races left with George Russell, nonetheless the total point of pastime on the manufacturing facility is on 2022. Are you beginning to restrict George’s publicity to extra development?

JC: It’s not powerful involvement of the drivers for next yr’s development but, so that’s not a query now we hang if truth be told… it’s not a query for us, so he’s doing his job, getting willing the races and getting willing for the remainder of the season.

Q: Will George return to the manufacturing facility? Is he mute doing simulator sessions?

JC: Oh yeah, of direction. There’s nothing modified after the resolution that he’s at Mercedes next yr.

Q: And would you treasure to peep Alex Albon as soon as that you just might per chance perhaps well factor in fill that honest and launch getting fervent?

JC: I comprise now we would like to be realistic. He is mute working for Red Bull and that will most probably be the case till the last flee so we hope that after the last flee we are able to launch working with him.


Q: (Scott Mitchell – The Speed) Fred, you’ve mentioned that you just wanted to hang reasonably more time to peep what happens in F2. It looks treasure Monza and Sochi most advantageous reinforced Oscar Piastri’s case. Does Oscar hang a severe likelihood of being an Alfa Romeo flee driver next season?

FV: Oscar is doing a extraordinarily exact job nonetheless he became very performant and fixed over the last weekend nonetheless as a ways as I do know and I price, he’s linked with Renault… or Alpine.

Q: (Dieter Rencken – Racing Lines) To all three crew principals: as we head in direction of the last quarter of this yr’s championship, who enact you’re thinking that is World Champion? Who would you money be on?

JC: I comprise it’s unpredictable and I don’t form too powerful… I don’t use too powerful thinking of that due to we’ve purchased other points and complications. So, I don’t care.

Q: Are you taking part in the championship fight?

JC: Yeah, of direction I’m taking part in it nonetheless if you’re on the pit wall you are so powerful into what’s going on in conjunction with your autos, so every so often on the cease I wish to inquire of of who acquired?

GS: So the query from Dieter is who enact I comprise will rob the championship, rush? Max. Lift it short.

Q: Are you going to present us any longer as to why?

GS: No, due to there’s more points on the cease, that’s why. I don’t know why. That’s the solution: Max.

Q: Carry out you’re thinking that the Red Bull is the automobile to beat now?

GS: I mentioned Max is the driving force to beat.

Q: Fred?

FV: Disturbing to perceive. It’s a extraordinarily tight fight nonetheless I comprise one of many issues is also the reliability nonetheless we noticed this morning Lewis will wish to introduce a new engine, this might per chance perhaps per chance presumably moreover be a penalty and this is on the total a game-changer for the championship due to they’re so stop. Every single shrimp match might per chance perhaps well narrate for the championship. Nevertheless I would instruct Lewis, so this might per chance perhaps per chance presumably moreover be 1-1. If Guenther says Max, I wish to pronounce Lewis!

Q: (Julien Billiotte – AutoHebdo) Fred, there are rising rumours of a doubtless rob-over of Sauber Motorsport and Engineering by Michael Andretti. What are you able to instruct on this topic?

FV: I’m able to claim nothing due to in point of truth it’s not in my parameter. I’m the CEO and crew fundamental and these roughly discussions will not be with me, it might per chance perhaps well be with the shareholders and that now we hang so many rumours etc that you just might per chance perhaps well also wish to inquire of of the query to the shareholders of the company.

Q: (Luke Smith – Autosport) Search data from for Fred about your driver plans for next season: you’ve purchased Valtteri Bottas signed on a multi-yr deal. Will you be procuring for the a similar in conjunction with your second driver or would you be delivery to a one-yr contract?

FV: It’s an steady query, nonetheless for determined with Valtteri we secured the style ahead for the company. Shall we presumably be tempted to hang a one-yr deal and to not pronounce the crew too powerful, nonetheless I comprise this might per chance perhaps per chance presumably moreover be a neat segment of the discussion. I would instruct that a one-yr deal is an steady possibility.

Q: (Scott Mitchell – The Speed) If I might per chance perhaps well note up what Fred mentioned about Oscar earlier than and his link with Alpine. What’s the topic there? Carry out Alpine even wish to formally form him on hand? Carry out they wish to build in some cash to tempt you? Why does Oscar’s Alpine link complicate?

FV: If truth be told, I didn’t watch advice from Alpine about this nonetheless if you spend money on a driver for the total junior series and to hang a protracted-term programme with him, I don’t peep the cost let him stride to at least one other crew in F1. It might per chance perhaps per chance well be queer.

Q: Fred, you might per chance perhaps well also hang reasonably about a abilities with younger drivers. How exact to you’re thinking that Oscar Piastri is?

FV: He acquired in a row the Formula Renault, the F3 in his first yr and now the F2 – it’s not finished, the F2, due to they mute hang two events to stride nonetheless for determined, if you compare with the past, that he’s doing a extraordinarily, very exact job nonetheless it undoubtedly’s crystal clear for me that he’s potentially one of many righteous in the realm on the present time in the junior series. He did a large job last yr also, he became combating with Theo till the last match and he’s one of many younger youngsters that will most probably be a hit in F1, for determined.

Q: (Dieter Rencken – Racing Lines) Again, to all three: referring to the Flee Qualifying theory, the normal notion became to hang three races, then narrate which manner to stride forwards. But this week Stefano Domencali mentioned that there would be as much as seven tear races next yr. Carry out you part his optimism or is he being premature, namely given the truth that there would want to be unanimous agreement for a law substitute to accommodate that?

JC: I haven’t viewed the end result of the FOM investigation and there ought to be a advice, essentially based fully on data, what the followers, what the TV figures, what the cost is of this and essentially based fully on that there needs to be a discussion then.

Q: What enact you mediate the Flee, though?

JC: It doesn’t matter what I comprise. I comprise it’s miles dependent… if it provides to the cost for the followers and for the match then it’s the comely thing to enact and if it doesn’t then it’s not the comely thing to enact. No, I comprise now we would like to test what creates more rate for Formula 1 for the weekend. As a ways as I hear from these that it provides one thing for the Friday, having qualifying on the Friday, it’s one thing thrilling for the Friday and the flee is thrilling as successfully so I hear obvious ideas nonetheless we would favor this essentially based fully on data and not profitable be a pair of other folks talking to me.

GS: I comprise what Stefano mentioned became not a truth. He mentioned there might per chance perhaps well presumably be as much as seven races, not there’ll be due to obviously he knows the governance of it, nonetheless I trust Jost, we would favor to test on the ideas, what is finished and how the followers react to it. I individually narrate the Friday… one thing to fight for treasure a qualifying Friday is terribly exact. I comprise there became location a flee or the tear qualifying flee on Saturday, tweak is a cramped bit bit, enact it a cramped bit bit loads of, presumably that it gets a cramped bit bit more bright. I haven’t viewed the ideas, I’m determined they, FOM, will most in style them to us and peep what we take into myth it nonetheless on the total I’m for it, that we enact more of these weekends with the Flee Qualifying. if we are able to tweak it and form it better and if the followers treasure it more, I’m for it. For the time being it looks treasure it’s obvious on that aspect so profitable let’s work a cramped bit bit more on it and optimistically we are able to form it that now we hang about a more due to I comprise having a Friday it’s thrilling for all americans.

FV: Yeah, I comprise we agreed to enact a take a look at on three events and now we would like to stride till the cease of the take a look at and to enact Brazil also, nonetheless now we hang presumably two loads of facets. The key one is the repeat and the followers and as Guenther mentioned earlier than, to hang one thing official on Friday is a step ahead. Now, on the wearing aspect, presumably it’s reasonably loads of this capability that can substitute from flee to flee and note to note and I’m not determined that Monza, on the wearing aspect, became a large match, that flee on Saturday, nonetheless Silverstone became an steady one. Let’s peep that we… I comprise now we would like to forestall the loop and to enact the take a look at again in São Paulo after which we are able to peep what lets narrate for next yr nonetheless I comprise it’s if truth be told dependent and linked to the structure of the note.

Q: (Edd Straw – The Speed) To Fred, again on the query of next yr’s driver signing. You mentioned, with Oscar Piastri to illustrate, that it wouldn’t form sense for an organisation treasure Alpine to spend money on them after which let them stride in loads of areas. Does that suggest that whoever you selected to signal, it needs to be a driver who can fully be signed reasonably than on-line so you’ll need corpulent control of that, long journey future of would you be tickled in fundamental to rob any individual with some make of on-line or underlying agreement with one other crew?

FV: Within the occasion you’re taking a younger driver with a new car and so you are beginning a new lag for the F1 and for the crew, I comprise it might per chance perhaps well form powerful more sense to hang the possibility to enhance the contract, not a multi-yr contract nonetheless no not as much as to form determined that that you just acquired’t lose the driving force after yr one and it’s what I wanted to price earlier than.

Q: (Alan 1st earl baldwin of bewdley – Reuters) Every other for Fred, it’s about Oscar again. loads about younger drivers from the past nonetheless you mentioned that Oscar has what it takes to be in Formula 1 nonetheless some younger drivers, for the total abilities they’ve, they don’t web of endeavor. Carry out you’re thinking that there’s an steady possibility that he might per chance perhaps presumably if truth be told fail to price F1 due to he’s with a producer or crew that most advantageous has two slots and they haven’t every other buyer groups? Does he wish to atomize ties with Alpine? If he doesn’t web in next yr or the yr after, is that it?

FV: Yeah, nonetheless I’m not the manager of Oscar! Nevertheless to start with, Oscar, so a ways is leading the championship nonetheless he’s not champion nonetheless he might per chance perhaps well presumably be in the topic that he might per chance perhaps well enact one other season in F2 and for determined, annually that the topic is loads of with loads of possibility of seats in F1 and loads of field on the driving force aspect. I comprise that Renault Alpine, to enact the step between Formula Renault, Formula 3, Formula 2, they’re supportive with him and that it might per chance perhaps well be reasonably unfair to whinge about the topic nonetheless you had a pair of drivers previously doing one yr of checking out or one yr of F2 again if he’s not champion after which he’ll be a hit in F1 nonetheless it undoubtedly’s not due to he acquired’t soar in F1 next yr that it’s the cease of the sphere.

Q: (Dieter Rencken – Racing Lines) Again for all three: if now we hang a spy at next yr’s weekend structure which is successfully three days reasonably than three and a half or even four days that now we hang now, does that form it loads more uncomplicated to accommodate the triple headers and likewise to job the triple-headers from the stress standpoint or does it form no difference in anyway?

JC: I instruct the triple-headers are reasonably laborious on the groups. The fellows are four weeks a ways from dwelling so it’s consistently worrying so every little thing that’s less or shorter would lend a hand in that nonetheless I comprise it’s miles what it’s miles.

GS: We if truth be told started to taking a spy the day earlier than on the present time at a gathering about the shortened weekend – let’s call it treasure this – and there’s one thing… we started to chat about that some other folks might per chance perhaps well come out later. For determined, every little thing helps to form the triple-headers having less impact on the other folks, treasure a three-day weekend, this can also lend a hand a cramped bit bit nonetheless I don’t narrate that if we’ve purchased two triple-headers, I comprise now we would like to tackle that due to there are other issues that consist of it that we stop the season earlier as Stefano mentioned, which is also exact, that we’re not going on practically to Christmas treasure this yr, so there’s nothing for free nonetheless two triple-headers, I comprise we are able to web by and for determined, having a three day weekend, a shortened weekend can also lend a hand a cramped bit bit and every cramped bit helps.

FV: I comprise now we would like to be realistic that we are able to’t inquire of of to enact more races, to generate more earnings, in a smaller interval without triple headers nonetheless at one stage it’s not that you just might per chance perhaps well factor in. For determined that now we would like to presumably decrease the weekend, the length of the weekend and to hang a three-day match nonetheless on the cease of the day, I comprise also that now we would like to be tickled with the success of the F1 and that we are doing step forwards, now we hang increasingly more build a query to for the F1 and now we would like to peep it as a obvious that we don’t wish to whinge about the truth that we are doing too many races and so, that we are stepping into the direction to enact the next championship with more races and so that’s a extraordinarily obvious message and signal. For determined now we would like to search out an answer, to accommodate for all americans nonetheless I rob it as a obvious message.


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