The controversial Formula 1 finale 2021 in Abu Dhabi caused a lot of criticism, especially from Mercedes and Lewis Hamilton’s followers. For example, Toto Wolff saw the integrity of the sports action and the regulations being undermined. Ex-world champion Jacques Villeneuve, however, sees the grand final very differently and much more relaxed.

“It’s definitely good for the sport,” says the champion of 1997 and explains: “Because now Lewis has to fight back and try to win his eighth title.” With regard to the race in Abu Dhabi, the Canadian explains: “It was a bit controversial, but that’s always the case when everything is only decided in the last race.”

The meanwhile 50-year-old speaks from experience. 1997 he himself became champion after a collision in the last race of the season with Michael Schumacher The German was then excluded from the WC. Today, Villeneuve works, among other things, as a TV expert and explains that the final 2016 made headlines on every drop.

Currently everything revolves around the question of whether Hamilton will return at all. “Who knows?” Villeneuve shrugs and reminds: “No one expected Rosberg not coming back.”

He believes that Hamilton will not resign. But one cannot know what is going on in other people’s heads. He can imagine that the mood at Hamilton was “pretty negative” after the season finale.”But you just have to get going again,” said Villeneuve, who also speaks from experience.

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