(Motorsport-Total.com) – McLaren is 2019 one of the positive surprises of the Formula 1 season, but (**********************************************************************************) Although one is not so presumptuous that one puts the third place as a goal, but one would like to halve at least the current distance on the three top teams, as team boss Andreas Seidl says.

Lando Norris, Valtteri Bottas


Even if it looks like this: At par with Mercedes McLaren is not Zoom Download

What that means in time, as the German is not quite sure. “If you look at the lap times, then we are currently missing a second, sometimes also one and a half, our goal is to reduce that,” says Seidl.

Compared to , According to Seidl, a lot will depend on when to focus on the new season. Do not want to neglect the current year. McLaren is currently in fourth place, which is the best since So you definitely want to keep the place.

But results like in Hungary, where you could again take 12 points while main rival Renault went out empty, help. Currently (*************************************************************************************************) points ahead of the next competitor Toro Rosso, so that you could have a good cushion in a timely manner in order to 2020


McLaren on the way back to the top

McLaren is currently fourth in the Formula 1 World Championship, with an upward trend – but: 2019 it is still too early for top 3 results, our experts More Formula 1 videos

Then the first car under the pen of technical director James Key, which was started this season by Toro Rosso. Nevertheless, Seidl speaks of an “evolution”, because the technical regulations remain the same.

At least the base agrees: “We have already learned a lot with this car and know its weaknesses we want to address for next year, “said the team boss. “We believe we will take the next step by having a normal timing with the new car, and we started the first concepts for next year right after the winter tests, unlike in previous years.”

“Combined with the fact that there is now a clear Technical Director, I am confident that we can take the next step,” says Seidl, who wants to be realistic: “I already have said a few times that there is no magic, the gap to the top is huge, but the goal is to hit it somewhere next year. “

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