(Motorsport-Total.com) – The Formula 1 season (*************************************************************************) could be the longest ever. Own the extension of the Grand Prix in Mexico (**************************************************************************************************) Race already a valid contract for the upcoming season. Barcelona and Monza are also close to renewal, so next year (*******************************************************************************) races could take place – as many as never before ( To overview ).

Christian Horner


Not only Christian Horner sees (*****************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************) Zoom Download

For those involved in Formula 1 itself does not solve this message necessarily out of enthusiasm. Liberty Media has already informed the teams that (********************************************************************************************) Grands Prix were possible, and they asked if they agreed. “The answer is basically yes,” says Red Bull team boss Christian Horner. However, it depends on the general conditions.

And they are mainly about the issues of finance, workload and special regulations. “From a financial perspective, we just have to make sure it works, and that it covers our costs,” says Williams team principal Claire Williams. “We are now at a point where we would say it does.”

More or no engine?

However, there are additional considerations. An additional race is not covered in the current engine quota. Currently it has been decided that (************************************************************************************************) race with three engines has to complete – theoretically, another could be claimed. But: “If there is a fourth engine to pay for, the extra revenue and extra costs are pretty much in balance,” says Racing Point team boss Otmar Szafnauer

For However, Christian Horner could make sense of this – especially if you shorten the test drives for this and releave available engine capacity to the number of races.


(***************************************************************************) Vietnam Grand Prix: A round in Hanoi

The street circuit in Hanoi (Vietnam) is coming latest route in the F1 calendar. The simulation of Tilke shows them from the onboard view Further Formula 1 Videos

In addition, he currently sees the regulations are not perfectly well placed anyway: “In the next race, there will be a series of penalties, although we are just half of the season,” says the Briton. “Introducing another race and expecting the teams to get through with three engines and three sets of other elements is a big wish.”

Ferrari colleague Mattia Binotto sees things differently, however , For him, another engine would be “just wrong” because it would cost more. In addition, we discuss be. “It would simply be the way for (********************************************************************************************************************************************************************) “Manufacturers should therefore make an effort.”


The most important factor in increasing the calendar, however, is the burden on all employees. “At the moment they are already (**********************************************************************************************) races are pretty much pushed to the limit, “warns Williams. For the races are also test drives and work in the factory.

(**********************************************************************) Photo gallery: New Formula One routes since (****************************************************************************)

24. . 2000: US Grand Prix in Indianapolis. The first premiere of Formula 1 after the millennium is actually none. A US Grand Prix had already hosted several racetracks, and between (********************************************************************************) and 1960 Indianapolis (**********************************************************************************************) to the formula 1. But first time on the 4, (**************************************************************************************) Kilometers of track that connects the famous oval with a road course.

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Although could you shorten the former, but Formula 1 must be careful, “otherwise we will soon reach a point where a season with a single crew is no longer manage,” warns Mercedes Motorsport Director Toto Wolff.

The Silver Arrows could manage with an extra crew, but that would cost again – for small ones teams like Williams would be hard to handle. “We do not have the luxury that we can rotate employees in and out,” warns the team boss.

Triple-Header “has many people broken ” In the previous year they had even resorted to the first triple header in the emergency, but such a team do not want to see more. “That broke many people last year,” says Williams. “And logistically, it's just a nightmare, a disaster.”

Andreas Seidl, Christian Horner, Mattia Binotto, Claire Williams, Beat Zehnder


For the team bosses a triple-header is not a solution 1412062912 Download 1412062917

For So the (********************************************************************************************) for many already the extreme limit. “22 next year, as long as no triple header is included, is just about, “says Szafnauer. “With everything that goes beyond that, we have to be very careful.”

McLaren's Andreas Seidl agrees: “It's just important to be a little cautious, not to mention the number continue to increase, “said the German. “For one thing, we have to look at our people and not ask too much of them,” he says, “and second, it's important to preserve exclusivity for the events, and with more and more races, that does not necessarily get any better.”

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