(Motorsport-Total.com) – Ten out of twelve races won, (***********************************************************************) points lead in the World Championship . The bare figures speak – once again – for a clear Mercedes dominance in Formula 1. But before the return of the premier class from the summer break Toto Wolff suggests as usual warning tones. “We lead both world championships, although it does not feel like it,” said Wolff before the race in Spa.

Lewis Hamilton, Toto Wolff


Mercedes leads the World Cup more than clearly, but Toto Wolff remains skeptical Zoom Download

“Over the past few years, we've seen a few teams perform well after the summer break, so we need to keep going Give everything, “says Wolff, revealing,” In this respect, we are approaching the second half as the beginning of a whole new season, and we need to make sure again that we leave no room for error and raise the bar constantly. “

However, one must mention that Mercedes was the last strongest team in the second half of the season. Lewis Hamilton four wins in a row. A similar picture: Hamilton even won five of the first six races after the race Pause.

Engine Department works through

From the years 2014 to Therefore, it would be rather atypical, if the silver arrows be surprised. But Mercedes would not be Mercedes, if you did not start with a certain caution in the second section of the season.

“After some very busy weeks in July and early August, the summer break was a welcome change, but now we're all eager to race again,” says Wolff, explaining, “While most of our colleagues in Brackley had the chance to recharge the batteries for the second half of the season, other team members took over the baton in recent weeks. “

” Our teammates in Brixworth have worked through during the Formula 1 summer break to improve the performance and reliability of our power unit, “reveals the Austrian. Because the summer break applies only to the Formula 1 teams themselves. In the engine department, all manufacturers may continue to work in August.

Good memories Spa Summer break with the knowledge that part of the team has continued to give everything and we are very grateful to our colleagues for keeping the ball in play while we were away from the office, “said Wolff. )

With regard to the specifics In Spa, the Austrian explains: “It's particularly difficult to find the right set-up, as the track is a demanding mix of long straights, a variety of cornering speeds and significant elevation changes, and the weather in the Ardennes can be unpredictable which makes the sessions particularly interesting. “

Nevertheless, Mercedes was able to cope with the circumstances on the traditional track. Since the beginning of the hybrid era , were, and in the previous year Sebastian Vettel had the nose ahead. From … to There were three Mercedes victories in series.

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