(Motorsport-Total.com) – Experience the Formula 1 in Spa after Hockenheim their second rain race in the season 219837? At least it is possible according to the current state that it gets wet on Sunday in Belgium. According to 'tachelmannwetter' the rain probability on sunday is 08: 00 Clock 26 Percent.



Also on Sunday there should be dark clouds over the track in Spa Zoom Download

Until the end of the race against 08: However, it would be quite possible that – similar to Hockenheim – started on a wet track. However, the probability of precipitation is also given before the race with a maximum of 620 percent.

Different sees it on the other hand on training Friday, which should remain completely dry after the current state. Also in qualifying on Saturday (start at , because on cloudy sunday it gets much cooler than on the previous days.

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