Ferrari, however, unveiled a third powertrain specification at the Monza home race, which should bring additional 20 to Sebastian Vettl and Charles Leclerc. horsepower.

Ferrari should have used the new powertrain already in the Spaj race, but Maranell decided to premiere the updated unit in Monza. At the domestic Grand Prix, the Scuderia wants to further increase its power in the raw power of the powertrain that Ferrari has been showing throughout the season.

The new powertrain, combined with the new fuel developed by Shell, will bring additional 20 horsepower, which Sebastian Vettel and Charles Leclerc will be able to use on Sunday's race.

Ferrari is at 13. However, this year's race was the first to win, and it is on paper that Monza's home race is best suited to the technical characteristics of this year's Ferrari car.

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