Max Verstappen reacted sharply to the criticism given to him by Nico Rosberg after his race in Belgium on his Youtube channel.

Verstappen ended the race at Spa Francorchamps after colliding with Kimmy Raikkonen in the first lap of the race, and Niozemec's race after the race was criticized by Nico Rosberg, who said in his application:

“It looks like Max has found his old self. In the first corner he was significantly too aggressive and could only thank himself for resigning. I do not understand why he continued to run full throttle with such a damaged car. Max has big “eggs,” but this time he acted completely unwise. “

Verstappen immediately responded to criticism of the former Mercedes racer:

“I don't care what Rosberg says. He is the new Villeneuve who declares something controversial after every race. I don't understand why he's doing this. He might want to make money from his Youtube channel, though his finances would be better off continuing racing. ”

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