(Motorsport-Total.com) – Jyrki Järvilehto, better known in the motorsport community as J.J. Lehto is convinced that Charles Leclerc, with his wins in Spa and Monza, has put himself in the best position to take the helm at No. 1 Ferrari. Which of course would be difficult for Sebastian Vettel's future in the team.

J.J. Lehto


YY Lehto believes that Charles Leclerc could become number 1 at Ferrari Zoom Download

“Expectations are always high at Ferrari, and they always have a number one driver to move the team forward,” says Lehto to the Finnish newspaper 'Iltalehti' . “Leclerc has now proven that Ferrari can win as well, which generates trust and enthusiasm, a new sheriff is in town!”

Lehto thinks Vettel ended up putting himself in the position. Unlike his youthful idol Michael Schumacher, he did not bring any “own” personnel to Ferrari. At the end of the (*************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************)

Lehto thinks his ex-Benetton team-mate Schumacher, like Vettel, was “an incredibly good driver,” but he's also got the right people around, maybe that's Vettel's weakness: he does not have his people to Ferrari, to build his own team. “

That the stable duel could escalate at Ferrari, as it once happened between Alain Prost and Ayrton Senna at McLaren, Lehto does not believe the way:” Me Anyway, do not hope so, I think these two guys are different and not political enough to engage in such games. “

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