(Motorsport-Total.com) – So Renault has certainly not presented, because the French are currently in the Constructors' Championship in fifth place behind McLaren, the customer team of Renault. Despite the “strange situation”, as team boss Cyril Abiteboul describes it, the factory team of the French manufacturer takes on the fight for the title “the best of the rest.”

Daniel Ricciardo, Carlos Sainz


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In Monza, Renault has with Daniel Ricciardo and Nico Hülkenberg took an important step forward. With places four and five, the two drivers of the factory team scored points In the overall ranking Renault but still missing 18 points on McLaren.

Renault team boss Abiteboul Believes in the package of his team, which he considers better than that of McLaren. “It's a strange situation, but McLaren is back at the top of the midfield because of the combination of the engine and the chassis,” said the team boss to Motorsport-Total.com. “They have a better chassis in certain situations, but we have the better overall package, and in some circumstances the better chassis.”

“That's a fact,” says Abiteboul. “Now it's about the track characteristics and who gets the most out of the possibilities on the track.” The goal of the French is still to get the fourth place in the team ranking of the premier class. It was still a long way to go before two races, but Renault made good points on McLaren in Spa and Monza 25 Hope again.


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But were the success of Renault in Spa and Monza solely due to the track characteristics? Abiteboul believes that the French can compete with McLaren on other routes. “The strengths and weaknesses of our car have not changed, of course,” he believes. “But before that we had the chance to score such results on other courses as well, but that just did not work out.”

Renault now wants to take the momentum from Monza into the next race to clear the back McLaren continues to downsize. “We will continue to work on improving the car,” says Abiteboul. “We can not wait for it to go on routes that suit us, there are still a lot of courses on which the car will be solid and we'll have to deliver just as well again (as in Monza; Red.). “

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