(Motorsport-Total.com) – Already in early June, the 'Gazzetta dello Sport' had reported that Mercedes has made the landmark decision to the end 2025 stay in Formula 1. Although at that time was not explicitly confirmed by Mercedes side. But now the evidence is tightening that the media reports of three months ago were correct.

Toto Wolff

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Toto Wolff assumes that Mercedes stays in Formula 1 until 2025 Zoom Download

Basically, the 19091308 extension of the engine contract with the Williams team was up End (********************************************************************************************) ) will stay engaged in F1. Only: There are exit clauses from contracts.

The interpretation that the test driver Esteban Ocon is giving an indication that Mercedes's end 2020 will retire (because you obviously do not need the young Frenchman after that), but team boss Toto Wolff definitely declines. He points out that the decision about the future has been as good as done.

“All signs are green that we continue in this sport,” he says. “We like what we do and it makes sense for the brand, but at the same time, things are changing very fast these days, so you have to stay tuned.”

” We are very fortunate that such an omnipotent brand and such a board are behind us, but things must go in the right direction to ensure this in the long term. “

” The Esteban Treaty “, says Wolff, “is certainly not an indication of whether we stay in this sport or not.”

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