Official: Leclerc retained third place after investigation


The FIA ​​has long investigated Ferrari's Charles Leclerc after the end of the Abu Dhabi GP race, but the commissioners have not decided on the sentence, and Monacan will thus retain third place.


FIE Technical Delegate Jo Bauer confirmed before the race that commissioners were investigating Charles Leclerc's car for suspected irregularities in the prescribed starting fuel quantity.

In examining the Ferrari's car, the FIA ​​found a large discrepancy between the amount of fuel reported to the Ferrari before the race and the actual volume measured in the Leclerc's car.

Bauer, who noted the discrepancies in the regular car inspection, referred the matter to the commissioners who, after the end of the race, decided on a possible penalty for Leclerc, who finished third in Abu Dhabi.

Commissioners found that the difference between reported and actual fuel was almost 5 pounds, nevertheless the FIA ​​did not decide to penalize Leclerc and Ferrari would be good for making a mistake 50. 000 Euros.

Ferrari fined € 50, 000 for the discrepancy between their declared gasoline weight and actuality

– Andrew Benson (@ andrewbensonf1) December 1, 2019

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