Jacques Villeneuve believes that Ferrari has not been able to make the most of their racing lineup this season, as Sebastian Vettel and Charles Leclerc have repeatedly become involved in mutual accounting.

According to Formula One Champion of the Year 1997, a factual Ferrari pre-season would order Leclerc to use his first year to learn and help Sebastian Vettel.

“Ferrari has fallen apart this year. The racers had a lot to do with each other. The chemistry on the team just wasn't in balance. Ferrari never said to Leclerc: “You are with us the first year, the second year in F1. Relax and learn from Vettle. If the team made it clear, they would be much more successful.

“On the other hand , Leclerc has already had a clear goal since the first race: I will prove that I am the boss and that is Vettel's past. I am the future. ”Fans saw some kind of salvation in Leclerc and accepted this communication, which has hurt Vettl in the long run. Leclerc is simply not ready for the position of first runner up, and this year has only brought them problems. ”

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