Six-time Formula One World Champion Lewis Hamilton has been ranked among the top 10 highest paid athletes in the last decade by the renowned Forbes magazine.

The Mercedes racer, which for years 2017 signed with Mercedes the most lucrative contract in motorsport history, has earned about 400 million dollars, making it the tenth largest sports earner.

Most American greens have, in the last ten years, packed the pocket of legendary boxer Floyd Mayweather , who has earned astronomical 915 million. The famous boxer is followed by football recommended stars Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi, who have earned good 100 millions less.

Top sportsmen of the last decade…

1. Floyd Mayweather – 915 million dollars.

2. Cristiano Ronaldo – 800 million dollars

3. Lionel Messi – 750 million dollars

4. LeBron James – 680 million dollars

5. Rodger Federer – 640 million dollars

6. Tiger Woods – 615 million dollars

7. Phil Mickelson – 480 million dollars

8. Manny Pacquiao – 435 million dollars

9. Kevin Durant – 425 million dollars

10. Lewis Hamilton – 400 Million Dollars

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