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All these present posts effect me realise I have to catch a household/GF that can endure in mind what my passions are ?

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2 ingredients · 1 hour within the past

I correct performed the F1 2019 game on Xbox for the critical time currently!! I’m fully unpleasant and can’t barely attain a lap without crashing…. alternatively it’s expansive enjoyable 😀 under no circumstances has Max Verstappen finished so constantly low down 😉

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1 point · 7 minutes within the past

A guidance wheel makes this game waaaaaay extra enjoyable

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Sebastian Vettel

1 point · 2 hours within the past

fine! i got a scuderia ferrari cap from my fogeys. Greatest christmas!

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Daniel Ricciardo

Fashioned Poster1 point · 2 hours within the past

I even gain a cellular phone case alternatively it wasn’t for Christmas so I didn’t effect it in

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