Before the F1 season 2020, Charles Leclerc wants to face teammate Sebastian Vettel for the World Championship title.

Leclerc declined to suggest that the atmosphere in Ferrari’s garage was not the best and claimed that he and Sebastian Vettle had a much better relationship than people would have imagined.

Ferrari racers have been embroiled in more conflict this season, culminating in an incident in Brazil where Leclerc and Vettel collided with the Red Car in a double clash.

The young Monancan behind the Ferrari’s first season, however, rejects claims that the relationship between the two Maranell team drivers is anything but idyllic:

“Our relationship is much better than people might think. We both want to win, but nevertheless, we are aware that we are primarily racing for the team. We are both adults, and we talked about all the disagreements. I am delighted that my teammate is Sebastian and I hope that we will jointly bring Ferrari the World Cup title together. I wish we had a very good car, but I want to beat Sebastian in the fight for the title. ”

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