Australia, the home country of Formula 1 driver Daniel Ricciard, suffers from large forest fires that are extremely difficult to extinguish due to high temperatures and high winds. The Renault racer posted a message on his Instagram profile asking for help from his homeland.

Many Australians have been forced to evacuate and relocate due to the fires, and fires have claimed both lives and lives of more than 500 millions of wild animals.

“As you know, Australia is dealing with large forest fires. If you can lose something, please donate. There are charities such as the Australian Red Cross and WIRES that advocates for animals. I've donated it myself and I ask you to do the same, “fans ask Ricciardo for Instagram posts.

In addition to the donation, Ricciardo will also make sure the money is in the right hands.

“I'm going to auction off my racing attire that I had during the Australian GP race, and the proceeds will be donated to charities.”

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