Sat. Jan 18th, 2020

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Pleased Birthday World Champion

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Celebrated Poster8 ingredients · 1 hour ago

A lot sport. A lot drivers and A lot Champion. Desire him a if truth be told gay birthday.

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Rattling that’s an excellent trophy

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Alexander Albon

1 point · 16 minutes ago

I mediate this guy is a lovely appropriate sort f1 driver

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Blows my mind that Lewis is 35. That age has constantly looked usual to me in F1 terms and but it appears to be like adore the old day he modified into F1’s vivid new significant person, one who would turn into F1’s youngest world champion.

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Charles Leclerc

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Pleased Birthday Champion!!

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Can you have faith he is easiest 22?

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While you happen to would possibly well also lift out it quietly, elsewhere preferably, that would possibly well be substantial.