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Became on social media today los battle: ++ + How the crew picks itself up +++ Monaco is missing a curve! +++ Kwjat separated from Piquet daughter? +++

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Disguised as a joke – Williams at the start of the test!

You might think the crew would not like to be reminded that their problems 2019 at the latest that they started it with the FW 42 failed at the start of the test . But they do it themselves! With the countdown to the first take a look at 2020 they also intervene, “before all the 'will you ever be there' objections”, how they tweet.

A humorous artwork to tell us that this time they are well in the Knowing ? Here you will find all test dates .

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The first early messengers!

In 65 days Formula 1 rolls to the season 2020 Come on. The construction work for the Australia Enormous Prix is ​​already rolling in Melbourne. The anticipation is great. Of course, the ongoing bushfires on the continent remain in the back of the mind. Here you can read how carefully they are observed.

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Monaco is missing a curve!

Ex-Formula 1 driver Paul di Resta also gives the observer in the principality. Extensive maintenance work is currently taking place in the port area. But don't worry: Until the Enormous Prix on 24. May the tabac curve should be fully operational again.

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Ocon with its own series

After a year of absence, Esteban Ocon is already a hot candidate for the “Comeback of the Year”. His new crew Renault is therefore dedicating a documentary series to him. Here you can follow his first steps in yellow – for example, what difficulties can be with the seat adjustment …

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2019 – the big year of separation?

First Ferrari teenager Charles Leclerc sacrificed his relationship for the up-and-coming career, then it became known that Mercedes driver after his marriage gave up only three years and now that: Since the end of last year, there has been speculation on social media that Toro Rosso driver Daniil Kwjat and his Kelly, the daughter of Formula 1 world champion Nelson Piquet, have split up.

This came to the attention of observers, who noticed that there were no common Christmas pictures on social media, that they had already followed him on Instagram and that even shared pictures were deleted.

The tragic: Both became parents less than six months ago. Daughter Penelope only came a few hours before Kwjat's sensational podium in Hockenheim World. At the Brazil Enormous Prix in mid-November, Negate and Sort visited the racing driver's father on the track. The separation has not yet been officially confirmed.

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“Electroheads” instead of “petrolheads”

This motto is now also followed by Ex_Formel-1 engineer Buy Smedley. He is now involved in the organization “Electroheads Motorsport”, which plans to bring its own hard series for the youngsters to the Commence this year in Great Britain. “As Lewis Hamilton himself recently said [hier mehr]: Racing has become too expensive and not diverse enough,” said Smedley.

The Briton emphasizes that with electric karts you can not only reduce costs, but also ensure more balanced conditions and thus better sighting of skill.

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Holiday dreams stage: Bottas

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Sweaty change of sponsor

We have already reported that Williams is separating from its long-term partner Unilever, which includes the deodorant brand Rexona , The firm has now docked at McLaren, where you can obviously see your money better spent.

Judging from the farewell tweet, Grove seems to have diverged in good terms. Williams also introduced a new partner today. The Royal Bank of Canada will surely have liked that Nicholas Latifi is another candidate at Commence this season.

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