(Motorsport-Complete.com) – Daniil Kwjat and Pierre Gasly share a similar fate: both were demoted from Crimson Bull to Toro Rosso in their Formula 1 careers. There they are now teammates and, in the coming season, they will be the most experienced line-up that Toro Rosso has ever had, after all, they have often relied on novices in the past.

Daniil Kwjat, Pierre Gasly


The standing men of Formula 1: Daniil Kwjat and Pierre Gasly Zoom Download

“I think immediate everyone who has gone through this team is a very talented battle,” says Kwjat to 'Motorsport-Complete.com'. “Some had bad luck with the timing, as in my topple at Crimson Bull Racing battle it wasn't the best timing to be on the team.”

Without wanting to rate teammate Gasly's topple looks The Russian, as it were, is a role model for the young Frenchman: “With me, he has a living example in front of him that everything is possible, even if you are dropped at Crimson Bull. It is good that they gave America a second likelihood “I think.”

In connection with this, Kvyat admits that the lack of alternative candidates has contributed to both drivers staying with Toro Rosso. “Sometimes the timing works for you, sometimes it doesn't. In the end, it's all about being patient and doing your job, and being in the right place at the right time.”

Photo gallery: Crimson Bull juniors in Formula 1

Christian Klien (2004-2010): Mit Unterstützung von Red Bull debütiert der Österreicher 2004 bei Jaguar in der Formel 1. Nach der Übernahme des Rennstalls durch den Engergy-Drink-Hersteller fährt Klien auch 2005 und 2006 bei den meisten Grands Prix für das nun Red-Bull-Racing genannte Team an der Seite von David Coulthard. Ende 2006 scheidet Klien nach Streitigkeiten über einen Wechsel in die ChampCar-Serie aus dem Red-Bull-Kader aus. Später ist der Österreicher Testfahrer für Honda und BMW-Sauber und fährt 2010 drei Rennen für HRT.

Christian Klien (2004 – 2010): With the support of Crimson Bull, the Austrian made his debut 2004 at Jaguar in Formula 1. After taking over the racing team from the energy drink manufacturer, Klien also drives 2005 and 2006 at most of the Grand Prix for the team now called Crimson Bull Racing alongside David Coulthard. At the end 2006, Klien leaves the Crimson Bull after disputes about a change to the ChampCar series Squad out. The Austrian is later a test driver for Honda and BMW-Sauber and 2010 runs three races for HRT. photo gallery

The Formula 1 driver also emphasizes that he is always grateful to Crimson Bull. “They have been very hard on me, but at the same time very good on me. There are many things I am grateful for and hopefully the relationship will continue to be very strong,” he says.

After Kwjat Ende 2017 was removed from the Crimson Bull program, he returned last season after one Year back to Toro Rosso as a simulator driver at Ferrari. Today he sees the forced break positively: The year without a regular cockpit gave him new insight and made him stronger when he returned.

“You get a different perspective and think: 'OK, if I ever have one I have likelihood, then I will dedicate more love and passion to the sport, “explains the Russian. “Whenever I have a bad day, I remember and narrative: 'OK, every day here is a good day, no matter how disappointing the race.'”

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