(Motorsport-Complete.com) – Did Formula 1 make a mistake with the new rules introduced last season? At least this is the view of Pat Symonds, who as the person responsible for technology in Formula 1 was also responsible for the changed aerodynamic rules.

Pat Symonds


Pat Symonds is not satisfied with the rules for 2019 Zoom Obtain

The new rules should overtake 2019 facilitate. Simplified aerodynamics at the front of the vehicle should ensure that the cars could follow each other better, but used to be quickly intercepted by the engineers when looking for downforce.

Many stopped the rules for a quick shot, and Symonds has to admit that looking back, things should have been done differently. “They (the aerodynamic rules 2019; editor's note) became one little in a hurry. And with today's knowledge, I wouldn't have done it, “he says at Autosport Global Indicate.

Impact compared to 2021 “insignificant”

A lot of research had been done on the regulations and they understood where the critical areas were, “but we never tried the exact configuration with which the rules came out. We could have done the whole thing a little better” , so Symonds.

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Formula 1 is 2021 before the next major rule change, which was finally approved last October. The desired effects of 2019 should show up there in a stronger assembly – and then also work. Because 2019 was in the end “insignificant” compared to the used to be 2021 is coming.

Symonds would have learned more from last year hoped that you can draw for 2021, but that was not the descend. He emphasizes: “I don't see it as precedent for that, used to be we for 2021. “

Symonds looking forward to development

2020 will be another transition year for Formula 1. The Formula 1 chief of technology is curious to see how the teams straddle the gap between current development and work for 2021 will succeed. “If there is a dominant crew at the top, then maybe they can afford to switch a little earlier. But I don't think there will be a dominance at the top,” said Symonds.

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“I think there will be a good fight. And hopefully the teams will prevent you from leaning back and starting the cars for 2021 but some teams further back can put some more work into 2021 “, Symonds hopes that this will provide a narrower field.

“And even if changes initially ensure that the field is pulled apart before it becomes narrower again, I hope that we 2021 will experience good racing again. “

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