DAS ban 2021: Renault fears for “lateral thinkers” spirit in Formula 1


(Motorsport-Total.com) – Mercedes has a lot for the DAS gadget (“Twin Axis Steering”, introduced in addition to the Barcelona check) Receive attention and praise. But while many a competitor puzzles, the steering trick actually brings to be used and how one could copy it, innovation threatens for the Formula 1 season 2021 the end.

DAS am Mercedes F1 W11 EQ Performance

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With DAS Mercedes shocked the competition and incited the rule-keepers Zoom Download

Because a new paragraph in the regulations DAS declares unlawful. Still waving for this season , the FIA ​​also seems to have a ban 2021 to have reacted to the Mercedes development. This in turn worries Renault sports director Alan Permane. He sees the innovative spirit of Formula 1 at risk.

“I don't know how that 2021 whether projects like this no longer gain a foothold when you go to Formula 1 and say: 'Look, I have this and that, it brings two tenths per lap.' And two races later they forbid it. Then there will be no such thing. We move usada on a fine line, “says Permane.

Ferrari: “There can be no arms race”

The Briton warns: “I think we have to make sure that we keep the spirit of lateral thinking, because that's part of the DNA of Formula 1. ” For Laurent Mekies, sports director at Ferrari, it is important to find the right steadiness “between the freedom that we want and a certain reason”.

“In this case (from We can see what it is about. The battle in some other cases is very frustrating because nobody knew who used to be a crew had actually developed. There must be no arms race talk, if we formulate the rules 2021 closing, “warns the Ferrari man.

F1 Exams 2020 Barcelona: Mercedes shows innovative DAS gadget

Mark 2 in Barcelona: Jake Boxall-Legge and Tim Wright discuss topic number 1 on Thursday: the DAS gadget from Mercedes. Further shape el-1-Videos

Similar to Mekies, who once served as deputy race director, Formula 1 racing director Michael Masi comments. “We have a case here for the first time in a long time where it is immediately obvious to everyone what it is about,” he comments on the innovative Mercedes steering system that was used in Barcelona for the first time.

Renault: THIS is not easy to copy

“Maybe they have too both (Mekies and Permane) built very innovative ideas in their cars, but you can't see them. Then there is no discussion about them. Some of the things are pretty cool. ” So cool that the competition often tries to catch up as quickly as possible – even in the case of DAS?

Laurent Mekies, Alan Permane


Laurent Mekies (left) and Alan Permane commented on DAS in Barcelona Zoom Download

Mekies believes: “It would be a waste of time at the present time to deal with it too large. First we have to we are in dialogue with the FIA ​​to determine whether the gadget is real or not. Then we will all investigate how the effects are used. ” Replicas can be difficult and take a lot of time, Permane knows.

“It is definitely not a gadget that we can just copy for Melbourne, that's for sure. I suspect that Mercedes will take a long time to develop it and test it in the factory. If it works and if it is real, which I’m assuming, I don’t expect other cars to be equipped too soon. ”

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