Ross Brawn: Coronavirus pandemic will hit Formula 1 financially


( – Although no one knows when Formula 1 will be able to restart, those responsible are busy working on the calendar. The summer break was brought forward to March and April , so that as many unusual races as possible can be made up for. Although this is at the expense of the employees, sports director Ross Brawn emphasizes the need for this measure.

Ross Brawn

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Formula 1 sports director Ross Brawn expects major financial losses Zoom Download

“It's about the economic situation of the teams. The teams survive with the prize money from the races,” the Briton told '' . In concrete terms, this means: More races equals more money.

Each race that is canceled therefore has a direct impact on the budgets of the ten racing teams, just like on Formula 1 itself, which has millions of entry fees goes through the rags. In addition, there are of course sponsor payments, which should also be lower.

The general consequences for the economy are also not yet foreseeable. Sponsors might not be as willing to spend money after the crisis ended because they too have to accept losses. And the financing of a Formula 1 team could no longer be justified so intestine for one or the other manufacturer.

But Brawn sees the premier class intestine: “Formula 1 prevails a pretty strong resilience and we have plans for how we can rebuild the season, “he says, hoping for tolerance from all sides that we want to make up as many races as possible. “I think the teams are in the right position to realize that this is necessary.”

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