(Motorsport-Complete.com) – Mercedes actually struggle programmed for victory at the Monumental Prix of Italy. After the pole record on Saturday drag Formula 1 world champion Lewis Hamilton at the front right from the start and increased his lead with every lap – up to the safety automobile piece, triggered by Kevin Magnussen (Haas).

Lewis Hamilton, Pierre Gasly, Carlos Sainz

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Lewis Hamilton acclaimed Pierre Gasly and Carlos Sainz appreciatively zoom Get

Hamilton did what is customary in his such recount: He drove to Field to change tires. The Briton did not notice that the pit lane was actually closed – and his group did not provide timely or misleading information about the situation like a look into the Pit radio shows .

Became followed, struggled a ten-second cease-and-stride penalty that cost Hamilton a certain victory and Formula 1 with Pierre Gasly (AlphaTauri) brought a premiere winner. Even more: Next to him, Carlos Sainz (McLaren) and Lance Stroll (Racing Point) were two other surprise candidates on the podium.

Punishment against Hamilton according to Wolff worth discussing

It struggle for the first time since Australia 2013, that no driver from Mercedes, Crimson Bull or Ferrari took the win . Back then, Kimi Raikkonen won in the Lotus-Renault. For the first time since Hungary 2012, as Hamilton (still at McLaren) won ahead of two Lotus drivers, none of the three top teams made it onto the podium.

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Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff takes the result sportily. Hamilton finished seventh after a race to catch up, Valtteri Bottas fifth. “That is a defeat for Mercedes and a defeat for the other big groups, but it is a victory for the sport”, Wolff sums up the extraordinary Monza race.

“There was great entertainment , with a decision that knocked out the front runner that we can discuss, but in the end to see these young guys fight up front, Carlos versus Gasly … Toro Rosso and AlphaTauri have a tradition of being very strong at Monza , and they deserve the win. “

Wolff magazine race with a different” pecking order “

Seeing Lance Stroll at Racing Point up there was “great”. “You have to see it furthermore from this side. You were great entertainment,” Wolff consoles himself. At least the direct competition failed in Monza: Max Verstappen (Crimson Bull) didn’t even finish and consequently didn’t score any points.

The dream of the perfect season in which you can do all the races wins, lives on at Mercedes (he already broke in Silverstone 2 with the victory of Verstappen). “As a competitor, I would of course like to have this record,” says Wolff, “but I think Formula 1 would suffer a lot from it.”

“I think we all need races like this, where the pecking order is different, where new faces appear on the podium because they simply drove well and the group made the right decisions. I magazine it when the order is mixed up, “emphasizes the Mercedes team boss.

To ensure this in the future and not just leave it to chance, the heads of the Formula 1 leadership after Monza are smoking again. Ross Brawn has already announced reverse grid races are back on the agenda bring to. Mercedes resisted this idea at the beginning of the season.

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